By Anonymous - 20/03/2013 02:52 - United States - Saint Cloud

Today, my sink seemed to be filling up with dirty water. Concerned, I turned on the garbage disposal and plunged away. With no change in the water levels, I called a plumber. He reached in, pulled out the drain plug, and give me his bill while chuckling to himself. FML
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Don't worry, plumbers are used to all sorts of crap.

SharnaaaBanana 22

Haha wow. We all do stupid things from time to time :)


SharnaaaBanana 22

Haha wow. We all do stupid things from time to time :)

Please be a troll, please be a troll, please be woman-hating troll and not a real woman. It's already the second time I wrote this. I hope these people are just trolls.

"We all do stupid things from time to time". Yes, that's trolling. Obviously.

Please realize she meant mankind, please realize she meant mankind, I know I said it twice but I just really want people to realize she means making mistakes is part of bring human.

I think she's referring to the "Haha, wow" section because that would also make no sense.

Haha! Why would somebody think that's trolling? Some simple statements have the most understanding.

23's comment would seem like a comment about the FML rather than to 1... Start new threads!

Always look good and how did you manage to over look a drain plug?

How did you manage to not notice she said 'dirty water'

I don't know about you, but if I'm seriously wondering what's wrong with the drain I'll stick my hand in and investigate before calling a plumber; dirty water is only dirty water.

deathbatchickk 8

Now you know what to do next time!

Don't worry, plumbers are used to all sorts of crap.

perdix 29

#4, and he was probably happy that this emergency call didn't involve literal crap. Unless the OP pooped in the sink. . .

Yea, no doubt one of the better call outs in a pretty stink job.

Hahah, I bet that plumber took the rest of the day off. Guess you didn't have your head on straight, it happens to the best of us!

NickaPLZ 26

Common sense isn't all that common anymore?

bamagrl410 31

We've learned that women like this are the reason the general opinion of women is that we're incompetent...

oh garbage disposal, why hast thou forsaken me?!

Are you a lady? I know that sounds like I am being biased, but it just makes perfect sense to me.

SharnaaaBanana 22

Are you sure you were raised properly? Don't be an ass.

It seems appropriate for this post. I can't imagine a plumber chuckling, or handing off a bill for this scenario with a guy.... FYL OP. The plumber should have just let it slide..

That is usually the first thing most people would check...ach well you live and learn

Don't lie, you just wanted to see the coveted plumbers crack!

Have you seen the plumber's crack T-shirt? It makes the crack look like boob cleavage. It's classic!