By frmitalywithlove - 11/01/2011 04:11 - United States

Today, my coworker thought it would be funny to throw my keys up onto the top shelf in storage. I'm 4'10. FML
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So you're fun-sized? :-P Your coworker sounds like a douche.


head butt him in the nuts! that ought to teach him for being so small minded!

head butt him in the nuts! that'll teach him for being so small minded!!

WallyTheWombat 0

lol I'm the 6'3" guy ppl go to for those problems.

Ha ha- I'm 5'0" and one of the cooks at work likes to stack the cups that I already have to reach up for all the way to the ceiling. I foiled him last time by telling him that was getting boring. Luckily he didn't come up with something more interesting lol

ooh dude get some chair to reach it , lol

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Your co-worker was right. That is pretty funny.

So you're fun-sized? :-P Your coworker sounds like a douche.

No, her co-worker sounds like a fun person to be around.

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Nah she is an inch off. 4'9 I had to look it up for people calling me one. I'm 5'

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4'10''? Shouldn't you be in like elementary school still? What are you doing with a job?

FYLDeep 25

Nah, don't overreact. I honestly meant nothing against elementary schoolers with that.

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yay for us tall people and jock straps. since are balls are in the short hatres target

I'm a 5'3" dude who isn't bothered by my height, so the elementary joke was pretty funny to me lol. OP needs to get more tall friends so she can make them reach for the high shit, like I do.

Ugh. Learn to grab a chair. Tall people are not your elves. It gets kind of annoying being interrupted all the time to reach something for someone who can't be assed to try even a little bit.

grabbing a chair is to much work. Getting tall people to do the work is easier. Maybe in the next life you should ask to be shorter ;)

izzie2899 6

I think #7 joke was funny and I'm 4 10 too

You think I never asked for that in this life? I'm serious, man, if you consider these people to be your friends, DON'T ask them to get stuff down for you. If you -can- do it yourself, then do it your ******* self.

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ayame don't say he fails cuz he doesn't ur just saying tht to look cool even tho ur ugly nd probably a fat bitch so stfu

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Wow I'm 5 feet nd I feel ur pain

dude, shut up. I'm the same height as her I'm a junior in high school. I have a job. Just because she's short doesn't mean you have to be a dick to her.

Tall people help reach things up high and short people help reach things down low... All friends here

I am 19 years old and also 4'10. Being vertically challenged does not mean someone is younger than they actually are, do not be rude and make false assumptions.

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he just wanted to see you hop!

I don't really see this as a fml...I mean you had to go all of 10 seconds out of your way to find a chair/stool to stand on? Just suck it up, put your big girl panties on and plot revenge. Ink in his coffee, cellophane his toilet, fill his cubicle full of those plastic balls from McDonalds. Be creative...Bitch don't get mad, get everything. :)

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Throw some viagra in his morning coffee. lol

LOL that would be an awesome revenge... especially if hes small in the pants ;)

it'd be awesome if he was big in the pants! how awkward would that be to hide at work?!

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lol nasty. starts poking u in line

Better yet salt peter in his coffee every morning. His s.o. would be very unhappy at his inability to perform.

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You could always kick his balls and as his kneels in pain climb on ontop him and get your keys. duh.