By phatkroger10 - / Friday 10 April 2009 00:16 / United States
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  michael32123  |  0

I've noticed alot of comments where ppl get the gender of OP wrong.... the gender is right at the top next to the name dumbshits. stop being asshats and called OP gay or lesbian. learn to read motherfuckers

  tounces7  |  21

OBVIOUSLY the OP was talking about the customers patience, not their life span. They weren't being rude, they simply didn't realize the other implication of what they were saying at first.

By  asub3292  |  0

So today i bought cookie dough from this sweet girl. she told me that it would take 4 weeks so i said i can wait. shen then said "hope you can make it." FML

By  Blanadestroyer  |  0

4 weeks & one cookie dough later:

"Today, I went to sell the cookie dough again to the same old folks house I had been to a month ago, where I accidentally offended this nice lady by expressing my hope she would make it till I come back. Turned out she didn't - she got so upset her heart broke later that evening. FML."

The lesson: go get her flowers right now and think of decent apology - before you open your mouth though, double check what you're going to say this time or let us approve it first.

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