By lydiacoolness - New Zealand
Today, I got my annual blood test. The nurse was inexperienced and it took her several tries to insert the needle properly. When I get back home, my fiancé starts yelling at me and storms out. The reason? I am a recovering drug addict and my arm appeared as if I had been shooting up. FML
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  curlyfriez  |  0

There's nothing to explain. This FML is FAKE because those who have ever injected themselves with drugs or other substances not prescribed by a physician can't donate blood.


who the hell takes annual blood tests, sounds to me like youre either bullshitting or just have aids from all the unprotected sex you had with mom and daddy and all the men you fuck you homosexual pig

  cristy91  |  33

He probably won't believe her since it is common for drug addicts who make a relapse to at first deny what try are doing. She'll tell him and even if he says okay (which may take a while of convincig), he will be ultra suspicious. FYL OP, you're doing the right thing, but, due to your addiction, people are almost always going to assume the worst.

  julia214  |  0

theres not much you can do right now. let it die down and try to call him and explain. i can understand how he feels though also. my brother is also recovering, and we cant help but think the worst when things go missing or he doesnt call for a while.. :/

  acd23  |  0

I agree. I hate FMLs like these that are about people who are supposed to "trust" you jumping to the wrong conclusions without any chance to explain. Yes, the OP might look like she was relapsing, but he could have asked her about it instead of yelling at her then storming out.

By  Gadget3440  |  0

FYL: Your fiance doesn't trust you enough to hear your story before leaping to a negative conclusion.

YDI: Since you've obviously got more experience than the nurse you should have shown her how to do it