By Baikal - 12/05/2013 04:09 - Singapore

Today, my cousin thought it would be funny to make copies of my house keys and give it to random people on the street. I live alone and work a 12 hour shift daily. FML
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get a lock smith in there ASAP and never allow your cousin near your place again

Time to feed a wire from your doorknob to the electrical panel


get a lock smith in there ASAP and never allow your cousin near your place again

Roskosity 22

That's definitely not funny. Who is your cousin? Homer Simpson?

Overatedlife_fml 5

Rodger Smith?

skyeyez9 24

Beat your cousin's ass! Also think of a good way to get revenge.

fishstick557 14

Someone remind me how that's funny?!?!

Time to feed a wire from your doorknob to the electrical panel

just imagine the op getting drunk and forgetting the wire...wouldn't really help him...

it'll add sparks to his night

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that OP isn't home for at least 12h per day and random people can enter without the OP being there to stop them/ call the police etc

Because a house thats vacant for 12 hours is more then likely going to broken and entered especially with random strangers having keys

The whole not being there part, anyone of those people can steal as much as they want part.

#9 some people are built to think, just not #4.

Simple logic, use your brain

I can't believe there was not a single sarcastic reply to this!

r u slow? it means that there's a 12 hour period of no one being home. easy for someone to steal everything... did u not drink ur oj this morning??

@70 you seem like the slow one here. Someone has already explained three times. Maybe sunny D would work better for you.

Well he didn't tell them where you live right? But you should still get your locks changed

Wizardo 33

OP I know a guy who knows a guys cousin who knows a brother of a friends uncle that does 'clean up' jobs... cheap rates, holla at me OP, your cousin will bother you no more.

That's nothing. I know a guy who knew a guy that knew another guy who knew some girl that became a guy who dated the first guy's sister and later became another guy's brother who lit snowmen on fire. I hate dichotomy.

Well according to the theory of six degrees of separation... I know a someone who knows a someone who occasionally meets with another someone who knows someone else who is acquainted with a further being who is in cahoots with you OP... or go down another route and reach Chuck Norris..

One time, I knew this guy, who knew this guy, who knew this guy.. Who knew this guy's cousin, who knew this guy's sister, who was attacked by a sea-bear.

JFloUnknown 24

So what does that make me?


that's not funny, he sounds irresponsible and inconsiderate. replace the locks and don't trust him with anything again! good luck

Time to change your lock and safe keeper!

Lock your cousin in his house and burn it down. On a more serious note, why in Jesus' name would someone pull a stupid stunt like that at all? Does he have some kind of mental issue?

Hopefully they won't know where your house is

That's one kind of cousin I would not consider a part of my family. Sorry op, hope you get this sorted out.