By Anonymous - 11/01/2011 05:32 - United States

Today, I went to the bathroom and my pee split into 4 different streams, none of which actually hit the toilet. FML
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sarcdude 3

I've never seen four different streams happen, just two, but I feel your pain. Freakin hate when that happens, and it never makes any sense to me when it does happen.

therealsuperman 0

lucky bastard, this isn't an FML, you're just bragging


Now that's just nasty.

if that's your real pic and you're only 17 ,all I could say is DAAAAAMN.

"Just 17?" WTF are you talking about? I know fourteen years-old girls with a body like that.

alex154144 0

she's 16 retards

Sorry for not checking all her biography, I just replied to what the guy before me said.

sarcdude 3

I've never seen four different streams happen, just two, but I feel your pain. Freakin hate when that happens, and it never makes any sense to me when it does happen.

how the hell is pee able to split into streams

hoogapooga 0

I see two 1s too :/

sourgirl101 28

Why does it happen in the first place? Is it like when you pinch a water hose or something?

If a guy isn't circumcised and doesn't pull back the skin when he's peeing, the piss actually changes direction depending on how the skin is 'positioned' at the time, and like OP's incident, can actually split into a few streams.

Oh really? I just thought if a guy had a boner and he tried to pee that would happen.

It's happened to us all-guys I mean!

FYLDeep 25

#17 Negative, but an erection will make it difficult to aim in the necessary downward direction.

13 I'm unsure but I know if a guy just came then the chance are high he will have a problem peeing. kind of like "Me, Myself, and Irene" not that bad but that does happen too. pee with it facing the toilet but shot away lol.

WallyTheWombat 0

it's cause he didn't clean up after he jizzed. You're supposed to pee after or else it can... "harden" I guess would be the word then it separates the stream. Only temporary for a second or two though. Idk if there's another reason this could happen but this is the only one I know of.

akd1v 0

24 that makes sense...happens to me

floppycow 0

or its that damn mysterious underwear lint that gets caught on our tips...hate that

Guys, you're all wrong! Clearly someone took an uzi to his penis and it's full of bullet holes!

mygreenhoodie 0

^ exactly.

I'll bet that all the YDI's are from women.

Yeah, it also happnens if he doesn't squeeze out the last drop after watching internet **** before bed and it hardens overnight.

it doesn't have to be after you **** sometimes the tip just dries out causing it to stick together

WingsFan80 4

I've had hair get stuck to the end of it causing that to happen as well.

TheDrifter 23

Everyone is forgetting the possibility of an improperly done Prince Albert piercing.

Ughh.. you guys have managed to make penises sound revolting :P

guys can't pee when they have a full boner. their bladder shuts down.

sarcdude 3

I honestly don't know why it happens, and I really wish I did. sometimes you aim and it splits off before the main stream goes into the toilet.

#115 im sure your bladder doesnt shut down when you have a boner, the canal just closes up or something like that. if your bladder had just shut down well then that would be a problem.

Trying to piss acuratly with morning wood is like trying to aim a rocketship downward

stevenJB 25

ALL WRONG. Men naturally "leak" urine or other substances. And that liquid will stick to the cloth material that they are wearing for under garments. The strands will stick to the penis hole and that strand of string will cause the urine to head in different streams.

Having a Prince Albert piercing can do that to your stream as well.

Hahahhaa omg #113 trust me, they're a lot more interesting than piss going in different directions.

Did any one of them hit you?

haha sad to be a guy :)

ayleyyasuko 0

boys could pee sitting down more often. if they wanted. less mess.

giantsfan2010 23

#55, It's better than having a period every month, hahaha.

541MedfazWcM 0

70 agreed :)

well atleast guys don't have to sit on public toilets when taking a piss.

yuck too much lotion it seems

Have fun cleaning!

Yeh this sites screwing up. Like 3 of my comments have disappeared now, including the one you replied too.

UpsidedownKayak 9

I agree, the best I can remember is three different streams. Congratulations, OP, on that record breaking feat.

He should join the circus! :D


22cute 17

Or learn to sit down for gods sake!!

therealsuperman 0

lucky bastard, this isn't an FML, you're just bragging

You would brag to

^ win :) -I've done three different streams! -And I've done four!

Urbanchiller 0

When you do it on purpose, you are just making an ass out of yourself... or a dick.

Is it just my iPod screwing up, or is there two #1's?

MassEffectNerd 0

generally when a dude misses you don't go telling everybody, especially if it broke into different streams

you forgot to undo your zip.

it usually happens hours after you ****.

juliaaalove 8

You would know(:

gocutler88 0

hahaha agreed