By howdoesthatmakesense - United States - San Francisco
  Today, we were doing research on contraceptives in class. Afterwards, the girl next to me starts explaining how "cringey" and "grossed out" she gets when she sees/hears "the words for the private parts." She then tells me all about her getting her period that morning in explicit detail. FML
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  trollcrusher  |  17

Hey, if the girl tries to come anywhere near OP again, they have a weapon to keep her away! Simply muttering "penis" or "vagina" under your breath would probably do the trick.


I had a friend who got grossed out if someone said the word "fart" or made a fart noise but told me, in detail, about her period clots or the smell of her vagina or about a nasty porn she watched. There's a reason I stopped talking to the gross bitch.


Why is it so disgusting to talk about a natural thing? I talk to my friends about my period, and my boyfriend doesn't mind when I talk to him about it either. Just because I have a period, I should be ashamed and keep it secret? I know there's a matter of knowing your audience, but simply talking about it is no crime.

  Rababco  |  29

#17 Yeah but people should make sure other people are okay with it. It sounds it made OP uncomfortable. It's not something you talk to people you don't know really well unless they're a doctor or other medical professional, like a nurse. Obviously, your friends are okay and boyfriend are okay with it so that's fine.


#25, that's why I said there's a matter of knowing your audience :) But talking about a period should not be considered disgusting in and of itself, since it's completely natural, like pregnancy and breast feeding. That was just my humble opinion on the original commenter's comment, not OP's situation. Cheers!

By  Cauldroup  |  13

The FML keep appearing twice for me, is that a bug on the website?