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Today, I was listening to a client's heartbeat with a stethoscope, when I noticed one of my hairs had fallen on her chest. I tried to brush it off, but it didn't move, so I went to pick it up with my fingers. That's when I found it it wasn't my hair, it was hers... and it was still attached. FML
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@astro actually, you do capitolize the g in God if you are referring to the only god in someone's religion. if you leave it lowercase, then you are referring to a god that isn't the only one in it's religion (like a Greek god).


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like she is going to let you feel her chest and try to brush off or pick off hair.

damn that's crazy and definitly an awkward fyl moment ..

I call bs, no doctor would be so incompetent to not see the difference between a hair that is growing there and on that fell there.

and hes not a "hair attached or not" doctor. why would a college teach a student to identify attached hairs from non attached? are yall re ta rd ed?

******* OP is a perv trying to cop a feel.

wait was she wearig a shirt and how old was she?

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The doctors i know call their patients "patient" and not "client". Fake

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"the Don't Sue People Panda"

I'm almost 100% sure I've heard of this exact story before on an FML-like site. Sorry guys this might be a repost.

The Bride of Sasquatch needs check-ups too..

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snicker, do you live in the states? no doctor can explain that without a lawsuit? stop giving professionals advice at the tender age of 15.

Hell is a location therefore it has to be capitolized.

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No actually, OP was trying to a get a hair of the patient. Not sucking.

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Because iPods will try to do eveything possible to try to prevent you from using any word close to a cuss word. Which is why it doesn't change shell. It's a legit word and it's non offensive.

@ mr. 26: Actually, hell does not have to be capitalized since it is a subjective, ambiguous religious term which not everyone follows nor believes in. Just as god or gods does not have to be capitalized, neither does 'hell'. And that is the ONLY time I'll ever talk about grammar on FML.

you're always so damn critical snicker. its a FML not a world changing event. chilll out

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omg u met John Mayer?!?! wow that's so cool!!! =D