By funyfunkid - 22/12/2009 19:18 - United States

Today, I saw a roach on my toilet. I thought it would be funny to pee on it. It jumped out, which scared me; I hit my head on the wall and started bleeding, then I peed all over me and the wall. FML
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thats wat u get for trying to pee on a roach

roach 1 - 0 you


Eww, that's disgusting.

roach 1 - 0 you

LOL Owned.

haha no ur nottt :)

haha dryyy

thats wat u get for trying to pee on a roach

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This reminds me of the FML about the guy peeing on the grasshopper :/

You peed all over yourself AFTER all that. If it was during, I could understand, but you "then" peed all over yourself. You're supposed to do that with jellyfish stings, not headwounds.

I knew this FML looked familiar!

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a roach can survive nuclear it'll survive pee

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poor roach

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that's sooo gross!

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I recently read that one too

Who does that??? And can someone tell ms what OP is?? I'm kinda new to this :/

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HAA FIRST ... oh no nvm i'm just a failing looser.. (obvious joke about "#1" (wich is actually #3))

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Not so much.

I think I've seen this FML before...

Im just wondering what the point is of fake fml's, it ruins the point, therefore i am going to suggest most fml's are real.

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Blah blah blah, I saw this FML 2 months ago.

YDI for being the stupidest kind of person

Most stupid. Stupidiest is not a word.

he has to pee. he goes to the toilet. he sees a roach. he assumes it's dead. he pees on it and around it (i mean, it is in the toilet). how the fuck is that stupid? was he supposed to fish it out?

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hahaha idiot

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that is just weird. YDI