By Anonymous - United States
Today, after being told by her therapist to try to make her kids a bigger part of her life because we're so distant from her, my mom's new favorite thing to do is to constantly use the words "YOLO" and "swag" around us. FML
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  xx000o  |  27

YOLO and swag are lightweight, it's the people that have to use "like" 50 times in every sentence.
Oh, don't let me get started on "iconic"

  SalviBarbie  |  15

If you just say 'YOLO' out loud, it kinda seems like you have a pronunciation problem of saying 'yellow' .. Then again, its overused so who doesn't know what it means.

By  perdix  |  29

Maybe the therapist could prescribe that you use antecedents with your possessive pronouns, so we don't need to guess that "her" is your mother.

By  zed34  |  18

I think it's funny that people use the phrase "swag" do they know that back in the 80's "swag" meant secretly we are gay?? Lord help the stupid kids of today!

  fuzz97  |  23

wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. "swag" is derived from the word "swagger" which has been around since the 1300s. in the late 1700s, pirates used "swag" as another word for "booty" or "plunder". it has absolutely 0% to do with homosexuality. time to stop believing everything you see on Facebook.

By  lolmigosh  |  15

At first I was confused because this FML didn't clearly state who it was referring to, but know I get it and oh those parents that try to have more in common with their kids but end up looking goofy... Gotta love them!