By Anonymous - 14/09/2013 21:51 - Canada - Sherwood Park

Today, my 16-year-old cousin came to visit for the week. So far, she's said "raunchy", "cray-cray", "legit", and "like" an uncountable number of times. She's only been here for a half hour. FML
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How old will a 16 year old girl be? Depends how much she's been used... ._.


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How old will a 16 year old girl be? Depends how much she's been used... ._.

dinosxxrawr 22

she might be 16, but.. what do I know?

ArtinHopar 16

sorry I forgot if OP wrote I'd it was a boy or girl.

MEM0817 18

If only the third word in this FML gave away how old she is...

#1 she clearly said MY 16 YEAR OLD cousin

ArtinHopar 16

I'm sorry everyone. One of my friends was using my phone and made this comment. I wish i could delete it.

Ah yes, the classic 'someone else used my user' excuse. Just admit that you just wanted to be the first post and didn't bother reading the FML properly. Anyway, what the hell is 'raunchy'?!

ArtinHopar 16

Don't believe me. I really dont care. I'm just trying to clear it up. If it makes u feel better, okay, I wrote it.

I don't know if its the words OP's cousin is using in everyday talk, or the fact that #1 completely disregarded the whole first line of this fml, but i am slowly but surely losing faith in humanity.

25- Just stop, you're embarrassing yourself

MEM0817 18

People on here haven't learned that if they get thumbed down with their first two comments, there's no coming back from that.

48... challenge accepted. jk. I was about to write three comments in a row but then I thought of the anti flood shit and the fact that thats stupid and I wouldnt prove anything... yah. if your comment gets thumbed down and you fail to clear it up in one comment. youre probably ****** for the rest of the thread.

It's a noun describing something dirty or naughty. A raunchy film could be the movie sex drive.

Eh man. Come on. Show some swag and yolo it legitly dog

helpfulwhale 12

Sex drive is a fantastically raunchy movie.

CallMeWindSock 24

89, nouns aren't descriptive, I think you're talking about an adjective.

Trinidad727 9

someone's learned some new words!

New words are the gateway, next she will start to stick her tung out at inappropriate times while trying to turn it up side down, then without intervention she will begin to twerk... It may start with one or two harmless twitches, but you must be very careful because it evolves rapidly and uncontrollably

There is stupidity in the world good fml ;)

Can we please put you in the same category as OP's cousin?

Just because OP's cousin says dumb phrases, doesn't make her stupid.

I hope she doesn't go YOLO on everything too.

Lets hope she was summing up Miley Cyrus life in a few short words.

jasmine2301 25

Hopefully she didn't start twerking and pointing a red finger pointer everywhere, 86.

Try and beat her on it, see if she notices you're taking the piss! ;)

AnOriginalName 19

#38 it's Australian slang. I think #11 was just saying that OP should sarcastically say those words to see if the cousin knows that she's joking.

I had no idea what they meant by that either and now that I do I think I may start using that slang.

Missyeru 14

That's like, tots legit cray-cray stuff there OP. Hopefully she's not into the Biebs, of twerking.

#26 - no it doesn't. #13 - It means vulgar, crude or smutty, in a sexy way.

flockz 19

#26- no, it doesn't. #41- nope. #13- it actually means to be smothered in a creamy white and delicious salad dressing, and then which can be used to dip almost anything in to and make absolutely amazing.

Ok thanks I just hadn't heard the word before

You have won the Internet. That was the final text. Well done #54.

You should, like, legit go cray-cray on her for having a raunchy attitude.

Like legit, she totes need an attitude adjustment like seriously. Swag

My sister says these things only to annoy me. She doesn't use them anywhere other than the house.

MEM0817 18

My 8-year-old stepson looked at me last week and said "Megan, you're cray cray" Ohhh wow! It's starting younger and younger! Couldn't help but just laugh. I love the shit kids say sometimes.

Stomp that shit out before they forget proper english

MEM0817 18

It's a little difficult considering his mother and father come before my word. He's a good kid though and knows that it's not something to say in public.