By Anonymous - United States
Today, I yet again heard a friend say "YOLO" as if it's a word. It was so annoying that I had to restrain myself from punching him in the face and offering him the chance to suck on one of my turds, since apparently "YOLO." FML
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  MDTeddy  |  13

People who say yolo are apparently doing something wrong or they wouldn't be saying it. No shit you only live once. Don't tell us. Wtf? It doesn't mean you do something illegal or X rated.

  benhd1  |  14

108, I asked my girlfriend to say "that's offensive" when anybody goes YOLO because she's Hindu. She got all of her Indian friends to say it as well, rather impressive considering she's very friendly and most people who live in her town are Indian and Hindu.

  sparkrok  |  8

Cause rappers are so "real"... And cool. And, like, word, dawg.

Take your hand off of your fucking crotch, put your hat on straight, and go listen to some George Jones. Or Merle Haggard. Or Johnny Cash. That's some real music. With heart, soul, and emotion. You aren't all cool like ya think you are, and neither are your little "nigga" buddies. Grow up, be a man.

Oh, and thank you for allowing me a refreshing midnight rant.

  kxxjoejoexxk  |  8

And the propper usage of yolo is you only live once wich means im only alive once i need to have a good life that doesnt mean go do stupif things it means make it good

  drumma_boi45  |  5

Before you wanna be ignorant, some rappers ARE real. If you weren't so ignorant, you might find that some rappers actually do make songs from the heart & make meaningful songs. Don't judge by what you hear on the radio because the radio just plays (c)rap. That's like judging a whole race by a couple people of that race. I suggest opening your mind a little bit & checking out "One Good Time" by Tech N9ne.

  Kn0wledge123  |  21

I'm seriously starting to hate that word. I understand if it's something like going skydiving or a girl exploring her curiousity, but with EVERYTHING?? A friend of mine the other day said "I'm gonna eat a double cheeseburger - YOLO". Seriously??!!

  siickman  |  7

I dont know why saying yolo is such a big deal... People dont say it as a real word... They say it because before we do something stupid you have to remember he only have on life and anything can happen... I barely use the word but its not a big deal so chill put guys.

  ellabella2010  |  0

Just because he's 16 doesn't mean he's easily swayed by others. That's ridiculous. And the fact that out of every comment and reply he's the first one to say that saying YOLO is not a big deal would be a huge indicator that he does go against the majority.

  viper64  |  10

121- I'm 17, and unlike most others in my age group, I seem to have an opinion, and i don't listen to awful pop/rap/whatever music. Sucks being one if the few left with a mind.

  ThaNamesBooth  |  10

129, developmentally (and legally), there actually is quite the difference between 16 and 20. Not saying anyone is "superior," in fact no one said that but you, but those 4 years make a big difference.

  Grover217  |  0

129-Age does not equal maturity. Just because someone is 20 doesn't mean they aren't intelligent. We also can only guess as to the intellect of the 16 year old. We can't differentiate between the two since no one knows either of them personally.

  siickman  |  7

I am kind of against mainstream stuff but enjoy some of it. I know many older people and they are definatly more immature than i am. I was just stating that it does not matter if its popular or not if i like it then i like it, fuck your opinion.

  alexup24  |  13

218- They don't care, they just rap and drink because they've got it made, but if you only live once then make something of your life. You can still have fun sometimes, so don't get me wrong.

  WordSmyth  |  2

Precisely, a party is is supposed to be something out of the ordinary, but if you throw one everyday of the week, tell me what it becomes?

This generation is so obsessed with entertainment and overindulgence in it at that.

  abcd165  |  0

133 - dude I'm 14 and even I don't get persuaded easily but that doesn't give me or you the right to be a snobby, stereotypical, jerk. so far the only difference is I don't act like that

By  loccsta83  |  5

One word Yolo

  mpfau797  |  0

No. They lack originality because they use an atheist acronym to describe their life style when the true reason they say it is because the rapper drake (who's music I love) said it in a song and their friends say it, which will all in turn make them overall cooler, more popular, and fit in better. Overall... Y.o.l.o. Is gay. I have no respect for people who say yolo.

  DuffleBagHero  |  4

87- I don't think you could really talk about someone else lacking origionality because I first saw that on twitter.
197- I agree with you completely, his comment defies itself

  Pudagiah  |  12

For the rest of your days! It means no worries, for the rest of your days. It's a problem free philosophy! Hakuna Matata! What does it mean? It's our motto! A motto? What's a motto? Nothing, what's the motto with you? AH AH AH AH AH.

Yes, I know the words.

Proud of it.

  ImDaBes  |  6

I don't see the big deal. People have been saying "you only live once" for as long as I can remember. Now that it's been shortened to YOLO (and because it's associated with Drake who didn't invent it btw) everyone is freaking out.

  Jaxx66  |  21

I've heard of this 'Drake' never heard their music.. I'm cautious of looking up music that I don't know,- if it originated after Y2K- last time it was Justin Beiber.

  LaughinStock  |  16

120 don't bother I used to like the guy but he just got terrible. If you want to listen to Hip-Hop/Rap look up Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar, or Macklemore. You won't be disappointed :)

  MzNViziBLe  |  8

Drake is not a "their" he's a he and he's actually pretty good catch phrases with standing. He was originally on the show the Canadian show Degrassi. Unlike most rappers today he's lyrics are fly and not just a catchy hook with a dance