By kenabrookee - United States - Northridge
Today, I met my boyfriend's family for the first time. We got on the subject of theatre, and his dad brought up "The Book of Mormon", how finally someone was making fun of those "nasty, polygamist, cultist freaks", and if his son ever dated one, he would disown him. I'm Mormon. FML
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  echo998  |  2

with the Mormon hate, the dad probably has heard only bad things about them or it's the door-to-door thing. I'm sorry to any Mormon but that is annoying to a lot of people.

By  ocramavaf  |  15

sometimes people say things like that without actually meaning them, doesn't excuse them just grow thick skin and if it comes up again explain to him what being a Mormon is actually about if not disown him

By  DjeePee  |  24

You don't have to be Mormon (or member of any religious group whatsoever) to be a (nasty, polygamist, cultist) freak. If you're a nice person, I'm sure his dad will gladly change his opinion.