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Today, I was fixing the plumbing at my father-in-law's house. I told him to shut off the water and yell to me when he did. A few minutes later, I heard a yell and removed the pipe. I was met with a face full of water. Turns out he was just very excited when the Rangers beat the Mariners. FML
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"THE WATER'S TURNED OFF!" is an interesting thing to shout when your team wins

OP just said to yell, therefore the yell could've been anything. The father in law probably screamed yes and OP took it as yes, the water is shut off.

that's not really what OP meant by...

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Oh, I always yell that when watching sports just to confuse everyone. Great fun! Who am I kidding - I don't watch sports. Or have any friends to watch them with.

Hmm when you heard suck it mariners did you think that referred to their occupation and that he had turned the water off? Cause that's about the only way I could see that working.

It never said that he yelled suck it marines.

A sports yell is usually more enthusiastic than just a normal one. Sorry man but ydi

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Please tell me you're kidding?? :/ ugh.

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Maybe you should have discussed what he should yell and made it specific, so that this wouldn't happen.

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We'll you saved money on a waterpark

well you just got all moist because of the rangers

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Hahaha best comment on this thread.

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There are two ways to look at this. First, you got sprayed in the face with water because your father-in-law and you had a misunderstanding with directions, or, secondly, your father - in - law's yell got you a nice refreshing shower and you can all just laugh about it. :)