By Anonymous - United States - Cortland
Today, I was fixing the plumbing at my father-in-law's house. I told him to shut off the water and yell to me when he did. A few minutes later, I heard a yell and removed the pipe. I was met with a face full of water. Turns out he was just very excited when the Rangers beat the Mariners. FML
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By  Catkam623  |  27

Hmm when you heard suck it mariners did you think that referred to their occupation and that he had turned the water off? Cause that's about the only way I could see that working.

By  daydreamer244  |  13

There are two ways to look at this. First, you got sprayed in the face with water because your father-in-law and you had a misunderstanding with directions, or, secondly, your father - in - law's yell got you a nice refreshing shower and you can all just laugh about it. :)