By snowball - 29/12/2010 23:32 - Switzerland

Today, as I left my house, the front door slammed shut behind me, causing an entire roof-length of snow to slide over the edge and land directly on my head. FML
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sorry, that sucks

why are you saying sorry? I'm sure it had nothing to do with you.

thats a good point actually. iunno i guess i just feel sorry :P

1 Just wanted to be first, hence the "that sucks" comment.

knockknock_fml 0

same thing happened to me once, and I was holding a cup of coffee but I laughed at it. OP get a sense of humour.

exactly.. i would have been like shit!! laughed, changed (if necessary) and continued on to what i was going to do.

authorkid 2

I'm sure it was quite warm

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Well at least you were near home so you could go back and change. I would laugh of that happened to me :P

hopefully it was powdery snow and not a frozen block of ice :D

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sorry op but YDI doors don't slam themselves.

spanelli 16

They do if it's windy.

4- i feel sorry for the OP, I apologize if I hurt your feelings at all.

I was joking man calm down

This tickles my humerus which I hope you didn't break.

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Well that's what happens when you yank the door shut behind you. Gee whiz OP, learn the laws of force. 9th grade science!