By frenchboyfriend - 14/11/2010 00:28 - Australia

Today, was my girlfriend's birthday. I planned it to perfection: we went shopping, bowling, had lunch in a nice Italian restaurant, watched a French comedy, walked by the river. She also got many presents. Tonight, I was exhausted but happy for her... until she told me her birthday is tomorrow. FML
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frenchboyfriend tells us more.

The next day (on her actual birthday), I wished her a happy birthday again and luckily I still had a present for her (I had planned on giving her the nicest present right before bed the previous night but when she told me her birthday was the next day, I kept it for her real birthday!). :-)

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If she expects everything to be done all over again, she's a bit greedy....that doesn't sound like it was a very cheap day you planned for her.


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so u get pussy twice...wats wrong with that?

YDI. Restart it & make it even better.

It really doesn't matter. it is just a date.. I don't see the big deal here..

Yeah just do it again backwards... easy. Start with the walk by the river and then the rest ,but pick a different restaurant and movie.

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it's the thought that counts now sex all day tomorrow

Just say it was an early gift from you. Nowadays, people are too busy for parties on their bdays.

Grab a twix, then tell her you wanted to leave her actual birthday open to her friends and family to spend with her.

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82 that was good advice especially the twix :p

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poor op...hey!! my bday is tomorrow too!! :)

just say it's her pre birthday gift and the real gift is gonna be for tomorrow ;) if you know what I mean

I hate how today everyone cares about sex, boobs, ******* and dicks. What happened to seeing her beautiful face and pretty eyes?

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atlradt u tried bro, good luck tomorrow

what a shame. anyways it's good to give your gf a treat once in a while aye? :)

^ Haha yes! But no, I think it was very nice what you did. So I'm not voting either way, because your life doesn't suck and you didn't do anything wrong :)

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If she expects everything to be done all over again, she's a bit greedy....that doesn't sound like it was a very cheap day you planned for her.

If OP is smart he won't do it again. Besides nothing is wrong with an early birthday present.

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because he didn't know the corrrrrrrect date. that's how. you are welcome.

who really cares about the correct date? It's the thought that counts. Why are women so STUCK on this date thing???

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It's the old trick with the International Date Line when you are dating internationally -- the people near the line try to get double presents from the rubes from Europe, Africa and the Americas.

So you pretend like you knew but couldn't plan all of this for tomorrow, nothing wrong with doing it the day before, just don't forget the next day or expect the worst

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I totally agree! Just tell her that tomorrow the restaurant wasnt open or something (:

Dude, that's so nice of you. but it's te thought that counts. And you didn't forget it all together, not like those who forget months later.

I love that she waited until after you had spent loads of money and given her presents to tell you it was the wrong day

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Meh. I'd like to think she just didn't have the heart to tell him as she was realizing how much effort he'd put into it.

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Which means it's not too big an FML for OP. She probably thought it was really sweet and doesn't care that he got the date wrong. OP- Should have played it off like you knew. For my (now ex)girlfriend's birthday, I planned it a week before(a whole romantic weekend) so that she could spend her birthday with other people as well. But I think OP's girlfriend didn't mind. She would be a huge bitch if she made a big deal about it.