By frenchboyfriend - Australia
Today, was my girlfriend's birthday. I planned it to perfection: we went shopping, bowling, had lunch in a nice Italian restaurant, watched a French comedy, walked by the river. She also got many presents. Tonight, I was exhausted but happy for her... until she told me her birthday is tomorrow. FML
frenchboyfriend tells us more :
The next day (on her actual birthday), I wished her a happy birthday again and luckily I still had a present for her (I had planned on giving her the nicest present right before bed the previous night but when she told me her birthday was the next day, I kept it for her real birthday!). :-)
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By  perdix  |  29

It's the old trick with the International Date Line when you are dating internationally -- the people near the line try to get double presents from the rubes from Europe, Africa and the Americas.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

Which means it's not too big an FML for OP. She probably thought it was really sweet and doesn't care that he got the date wrong.

OP- Should have played it off like you knew. For my (now ex)girlfriend's birthday, I planned it a week before(a whole romantic weekend) so that she could spend her birthday with other people as well.

But I think OP's girlfriend didn't mind. She would be a huge bitch if she made a big deal about it.