By hahahaha91 - United States
Today, I woke up excited for my trip to Jamaica with my friends. We went to the airport, and I gave them my passport to check in. They gave it back. It had expired three weeks ago. I watched my friends board the plane while I'm stuck in the city. FML
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  White667  |  0

What sorta' idiot doesn't check they have a valid passport when going on a trip? I mean, that's literally the ONLY thing you need to remember (if you're picking up your tickets at the airport)

  busyizzy86  |  0

They only validate it if you use a travel agency or something. If you book your ticket online via Orbitz or something, it's YOUR responsibility to check your passport.

OP, YDI. Who doesn't check their passport when they plan to go somewhere?

By  xFaust_fml  |  12

YDI, who DOESN'T know that you have to make sure your passport doesn't expire before you leave your country???

You don't even live in the EU, so you have no excuse (I guess some EU citizens might forget about their passports, since we don't need them inside the EU...)

  jackeyb  |  0

You still need some form of official photo ID within the EU, and you need a Passport to enter/leave the UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania.

By  msw52  |  0

Its not hard to forget when your passport expires; they're good for 10 YEARS. My family once went on a trip to Paris and my dad didn't realize that his passport would expire before we landed.
its not a big deal OP; most airlines will let you change the date of your flight for a small or no fee. Go to the passport office on the next business day and just get it renewed.


You're right, it's not hard to forget, but the point is, OP should have checked. I have a passport and have no idea when it expires, however, I do know I got it a few years back so I have a good 6 or 7 years before I have to renew it, but you know what? Before I buy expensive pane tickets, I'd still check! Because it's easy to slip up and assume its still valid when it's not. So, it's the OP's fault.