By noiguessitsbroken :( - 07/08/2013 12:24 - Lithuania - Kaunas

Today, I asked my mum why she never had any children after me. She scoffed and asked if I've looked in a mirror lately. FML
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ImWhiteBoy_WhoRU 10

She's kind of insulting herself too by saying that...

toughchick14 15

I'm sure your beautiful OP. or at least on the inside.


toughchick14 15

I'm sure your beautiful OP. or at least on the inside.

#1 is right OP. You are beautiful outside and inside.

Unless your Adolf hitler, he was ugly on the inside and out but I'm pretty sure your beautiful c:

#1: I've always found kidneys to be particularly attractive.

Wow, 25. I guess that's what they mean when they talk about "grammar that only a mother could love."

I'm sure most people know the difference, they just don't care. This is fml, it really doesn't matter.

'Your' absolutely right 41. Jokes. 'Your' wrong

38, I've stopped trying. Their going to continue with it. You're opinion doesn't matter. Apparently most people have failed third grade.

toughchick14 15

Apparently you failed the third grade too 57. It's they're not their.

Apparently sarcasm isn't very well translated. I apologize. I intentionally misspelled "they're" and "your". I don't consider myself a "grammar Nazi", but those two really piss me off.

toughchick14 15

Oh and you also mixed you're and your up, so 57 I hope that helps you realize that it was just a harmless mistake that anyone can make because intelligent people who have pass the third grade can make.

I love how 25 is apparently a terrible person for mixing up your and you're but nobody pointed out #1 messed it up as well...

64, that's what I was trying to get across... But once again, subtlety has failed me...

Jeez 61 what crawled up your ass and died?

64 your awesome :)

ImWhiteBoy_WhoRU 10

She's kind of insulting herself too by saying that...

PterodactylMan 23

Every Action has a Reaction

That was the point #2

Yes, considering she contributed half in creating her "ugly child".

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

Ya op.. your moms a bitch. Blow her off and just KNOW you're one hot sexy mofo. :)

slappygecko 21


The apple does not fall far from the tree.

"..I got it from my momma!"

What happened to "A face only a mother could love"?

Zimmington 21

That's right above a personality only FML commenters can love

CaptFuzzyNippl_2 16

Her Tummy probably looks like half inflated balloon.

Oh that makes me feel better doc.

I read this in Dr. Phil's voice

You son of a...oh, wait a second... *checks OP's gender* You daughter of a...

In Arnie's voice? (can't remember the film)

9- You thinking of Predator? Not the right context, here.

Did she look at the mirror too?

I always tell my Dad he got the perfect child the first time around that's why he never went for more...not so sure he agrees 😂

I wouldn't worry OP, that response is more a show of her cold nature than your appearance!

Well think like this; she basically called herself and your father ugly too.

Zimmington 21

Haven't you heard that ugly parents have cute kids

TheDrifter 23

Quite true. Some of the prettiest people I have seen came out of a lucky combination from 2 rather unattractive people. And some of the oddest looking were just unfortunate combinations from 2 normal looking people.

It's ok op! She was more insulting herself than you!

Clearly a badly tainted uterus... Be glad you made it out alive haha