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By Anonymous - 28/06/2014 01:02 - United States - Imperial

Today, I couldn't find my vibrator. After searching for an hour I decided to ask my husband. He quickly shook his head no. We've been married for ten years. I know when he's lying. FML
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Take the t.v Remote and all answers will be given

Turn the WiFi off, wait for a bit at the router and interrogate him there.


Take the t.v Remote and all answers will be given

then OP's husband won't disclose the location of the vibrator, since the TV can still be used without the remote

He'll never flip through the sports channels quickly enough without the remote,17.

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You're an idiot. For all we know, she sleeps with him everyday. She might be in one of those situations where he finishes before she does, and doesn't bother to try and get her off afterwards. Why do some guys think that a vibrator is almost equivalent to cheating, but are perfectly fine with getting off to ****?

Damn, you have done a lot of assuming there from one sentence. I mean, he didn't even bring up cheating.

askullnamedbilly 33

Also, I'm betting 'not enough sex' wasn't the issue here. He probably was curious about the vibrator and wanted to experiment, but felt too embarrassed to ask her. Or simply tried to hide it because he was jealous. Who knows? Maybe OP'll post an update.

I agree with the first half of 4's comment. Maybe they have plenty of sex but she just still likes to use her vibrator. Maybe he finishes before her or she can't achieve ****** through sex which is extremely common.

uniformed 13

takes one to know one. taking it so personal it sounds like you may have these issues at home yourself.

So you never ********** then? Must be nice. Unfortunately women don't tend to get off during sex and most partners hardly make an effort, so we have to do it ourselves. or maybe she tried and he turned her down.

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#30 apparently you haven't been sleeping with the right guys. I enjoy sex very much and my bf makes sure that I ****** at least once every single time. If there's something wrong, there's this thing called communication & it's no longer an issue

#42 in my relationship communication is by far the greatest priority but unfortunately I just cannot get off during sex. it's not an issue of size, perhaps we're just not skillful enough and it will take time, but whatever it is my boyfriend spends every moment trying to please me and I respect him so much for that.

Maybe he sucks in bed and can't satisfy her as much as she can pleasure herself

Every couple is different and im sure theres many guys who are happy to have their girl pleasure herself with a vibrator who have the healthiest of relationships. We work best when we put each other first in absolutely everything and obviously that means a lot of compromise but if we both try to look out for what the other person wants all the time then everyone is happy and our relationship is stronger. if he wants to only share sexual experiences together then I'm happy with that. We're both very jealous people so It works for us

#4- you're seriously assuming that much from half a sentence? Why the hell do girls think they are the most important and don't give a shit about men?

HanBroman, you could suggest getting a vibrator for him to use on you during sex. I know that I can't get off from penetration, so I basically ********** to finish after my boyfriend is done and that works well for us. (He continues to touch and kiss me when I do this). It just takes some experimenting to get it right, and I know it can be frustrating when you are a bit inexperienced. I didn't ever ****** with my first partner.

cjwayy 22

#2, she's not obligated to have sex with her husband. Just because two people are married or in a relationship does not mean they HAVE to have sex.

Some girls cannot ****** when being with their partner. However, I have actually taken sex therapy classes for fun. One suggestion is to try multiple positions. Sometimes a female cannot finish when the male is on top of her based on the size or location, but has no issues when she is on top, etc.

Turn the WiFi off, wait for a bit at the router and interrogate him there.

He wanted to see what all the buzz was about. Now he's really getting some good vibes.

There's also the electric toothbrush. OP can also throw a load in the dryer. Heard that works too.

what reason does he have to hide it from you?

its embarrassing to stick things up your ass, especially if your a guy. atleast thats how i took this fml, he could be just hiding it from her.

Sounds like you're not the only one who enjoys it, OP.

That's gonna make for a bumpy conversation