By Anonymous - Finland - Vanda
Today, my boss threatened to fire me because of a tattoo I have. It's a small teddy bear on my leg with my parents' names on it. My workplace has no problems with tattoos, but my boss said it was "unoriginal and lame." It's a memorial tattoo; my parents died last year. FML
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  yeti37  |  16

I'm no fan of tattoos (for myself) but am less of a fan of assholes. Unless Finland has a worse economy than the good oL US of A, I'd look for a new boss.

At least your tat has meaning and is not a drunken regret. Sounds like your parents were good people.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

1, they are heartless creatures, on this earth, and in charge. It's sad but there are more assholes than nice people in this world. OP, I'm very sorry for the loss of your parents. I hope your tattoo cheers you up, when you look at it, so you think about the good memories.

  jambupapoy  |  5

#105-Pretty sure that's not allowed. Just like you can't not hire someone based on race, gender, age etc. I might be wrong but still, I don't think her future employers need to know those type of things anyway.

  TehCezar  |  5

HR won't do shit, they're there to protect the company, not the employee. OP's boss is yet another of the hundreds of socially degenerate retards I see on FML every day. If OP has the possibility to quit, I'd advise them to do so.

  Pleonasm  |  34

Yeah he's a hardcore tatman no doubt.
"That all you got, OP? I want full fucking face and neck tribal ink by next tuesday, and there better not be any of that sloppy kindergarten shit like on your teddy tattoo."

I th-ink he has it in for OP

  cieloalicia  |  16

Cover up her parents' memorial while others can have meaningless yet in the eyes of one other person "cool" tattoos? Really now? Tell me how that's fair.

  gc327072  |  29

Ah, yes. Now that I reread "my workplace doesn't have a problem with tattoos…" I feel like a HUGE dumbass. Indeed, there's no reason for the boss to be that way. Opinions be damned, if her workplace is ok with tattoos, then it should be ok with ALL tattoos, leaving her boss' threats empty.

My apologies for rushing to comment, and therefore shitposting.