By neveragain - 12/02/2016 19:10 - United Kingdom - Byfleet

Today, I ended up in the ER because I ruptured a testicle by accidentally sitting on it. Last time I ever go commando. FML
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What has been pictured in my mind, cannot be undone. ಠ_ಠ I hope your jewel heals. Tis' but a scratch!


I just hope to god it can be put back together or something

It's been 5-10 mins I've read this post and im still feeling pain for the poor guy.

I haven't worn underwear for 9 years and this has never happened to me...

I will never complain about underboob sweat again.

This not really a common thing to happen. I didn't even know that this was possible

@17: As a person with breasts, I assure you it is possible.

I think 17 was referring to sitting on a ******** and having it rupture, not the under boob sweat.

@20 I mean sitting on your balls I know that under boob sweat is a thing

What has been pictured in my mind, cannot be undone. ಠ_ಠ I hope your jewel heals. Tis' but a scratch!

Something tells me that would have happened anyway. FYL OP :(

Probably a lot less likely. I wear briefs and never come close to sitting on my own balls.

imagine the conversation between him and the doctors; doctor: so how did this happen OP: *looks off into the distance as a single tear falls from eye* it all started with one pair of tighty whiteys.....

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OP: It was a cold February morning and beads of water were gently rolling off the morning grass. The spearmint green that filters through the leaves of the trees penetrated deep through the car window as I was driving to work. In my office, as I unknowingly sat down... you can imagine, Doctor, the horror I felt and still feel to this moment.

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I cringed and curled into a ball as soon as I read this....and I'm a girl. I'm sorry OP. Hopefully you'll make a quick and safe recovery.

Why would you ever go commando in the first place .-.

I always go commando. I have for years. It's so much more comfortable. Never came close to sitting on my balls, though I discovered more respect for the ladies after going commando in a kilt.

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+1 for doing it right and going full monty in the kilt.

Other than specific instances, such as an extra layer during winter sports like skiing or snowboarding or snowmobiling, I haven't worn underwear since 2007. Freeballing is amazing.

@#30 I've also gone commando for a good nine years now, and I've also never come close to OP's horrific incident.

I wonder if every guy sits on their balls at least once in their lives

It's true, we do. Just not normally to the extent of rupturing a ********.

don't think I ever did because I actually wear underwear

I never have but I also wear briefs and they keep everything well supported and snug out of the way.

Happens once a week for me. Though it's mostly just pinched skin on the ballsack, as is for most men.

What does that mean? I'm Dutch and it always surprises me that I, rather frequently, see a phrase like this using Dutch in it.