By DarkDisaster - 27/12/2012 10:16 - United States

Today, my cat had the greatest idea ever: hide inside our Christmas tree and attack anyone who walks past. It would have come as extremely funny to me if I hadn't been her first victim. FML
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Not everyday you get attacked by pussy

Unless you're Tiger Woods.


almost34 4

Sucks to be you

unknownfork 12

They have a button for that.

Please, Kill Yourself.

I knew I missed something...

I just thought people posted on here because it's awesome to be them. Hmm, guess I was wrong.

almost34 4

You were very wrong

This sounds remarkably similar to Garfield's "Cat in the Wastebasket" game

Not everyday you get attacked by pussy

Unless you're Tiger Woods.

Or justin bieber?

decidedlyvague 11

Only if Justin bieber attacks himself.

Shadow2193 5

Your cats training to be a ninja.

Werken247 14

Evil cats plan for world domination!


Do you mean cat-pocalypse?

Master teach me art of cat-fu. I kill owner soon. I kill world soon.

kotana191 8

I hope you got it declawed

That can hurt the cat and it's a very sensitive topic for many people

True. I think a lot of people don't realize what the human equivilant is. It's taking your finger off at the first knuckle, basically.

kittykat72 4

No it's like taking a humans nails off

No. It's equivalent to removing your fingers at your knuckle. Do your research before suggesting stupid ideas.

denbeste 3

I am proud to say that I always break all the fingers of people who declaw their cat. That way they can feel what it's like with no permanent effect. Animals and insects are worth way more than humans. We're trash compared to them.

abbiyroad 16

I really hope your being sarcastic #100... I don't personally have a cat but if its attacking people I would get it declawed, they wouldn't still do it if it really hurt the cat right? Maybe I still have much faith in humanity

I agree. go kill yourself. that way you will be making the world a better place for animals and humans alike!

pheebs314 17

My cat does the same thing. It doesn't do permanent damage and it is funny. It is also startling... But I would never declaw her for it. Never. If she ever got outside she would have no defenses! Not to mention the pain she would go through.

caysters 12

I declawed my cat because she kept going after furniture and clipping didn't help. Worst mistake ever... The vet butchered it, took her to a new vet. Two surgeries, a month of confinement, and a grand later, she was finally recovered. Will never do that again.

Quadroblitz 10

I think instead of declawing, the cat's claws should just be dulled regularly.

This is why I love my cat. They do little things to annoy you but you can't stay mad at them for long.

Especially when they look at you with that "I love you" look!

6-Unless you found out that you got a deadly infection from the claw wounds and probably be pushing up daisies soon.

90 - if that were the case, then I'd've been dead a long time ago.

90 ~Yes, because we live in third world countries where we have no access to basic medicines.~

90 - because Ireland is so a third world country.

All of you guys are no fun. Boooo

challan 19

I would love to do that! Your cat is boss! cat 1, human 0

You would love to hide in a Christmas tree and attack the first person to walk by?

challan 19

No, I'd love to go all ninja cat on you! Meow!

Oh I see. I'm undecided if that would be pleasant or not....

24- Oh it's pleasant alright! I speak from experience! *Parts his hair to show the fresh stitches in his scalp* *Holds up a rag soaked in chloroform* *Lifts his shirt to show more stitches from his missing kidney* Yeah, Challan's a barrel of laughs when She goes ninja-cat on your ass. :p ;)

challan 19

Draco, I gave you a Spiderman bandaid, and I kissed your boo boo. Be a man and suck it up.

Wait, did you do this as a women or a cat? If the cats are getting into the black market organ stealing business we are all in a lot of trouble.

Oh well thanks for the info #60 it sounds like fun, but #61 can I make a request for a Batman bandaid?

challan 19

I usually save them for myself, but yes, you may have one. They glow in the dark. Oh... And of course as a women, you've heard of cougars, right? I'm a kitten.

challan 19

I usually save them for myself, but yes, you may have one. They glow in the dark. Oh... And of course as a women, you've heard of cougars, right? I'm a kitten.

Ahh yeah, they glow in the dark I really want one now. And kittens are cute and cuddly though, not mean....

challan 19

Cute but we have claws ;)

TheDeafWalrus 8

Assassin Creed 4: Cats in Trees

wagne057 6

No...just no.

bugmenotmofo 34

"HItman: Cat edition" would have been MUCH better idea.

8 wasn't so off...OP's kitty was just practicing his air assassinations.

It's always funny until it happens to you.

braja3249 4

No, the greatest idea ever would've been for it to climb the Christmas tree causing it to fall on you and crush you.

braja3249 4

Fail attempt to connect this to a previous fml :/

I saw that fml, but you failed at connecting it