By uwbeautyqueen12 - 01/03/2010 19:15 - United States

Today, I woke up on the floor after I fell asleep last night while counting my tips. The pennies stuck to my face and left large blue circles from the copper. The blue won't come off. I have my senior photos today. My appointment can't be rescheduled. FML
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no worries! most photographers are amazing at touch-ups, i should know since i am one! if not, there are programs you can use to edit them yourself. :)


FIRST try to remove the stains, and see if they'll go away.

buy the touch-up package or photoshop. The touch-ups would be cheaper though..

lemon juice takes off the blue stufff (: seriously. it works.

FIRST let me acknowledge your achievement, george. FYL OP for getting paid in pennies. YDI for falling asleep counting money. What make-up won't handle, airbrushing will.

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not an fml. its called makeup, buddy.

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uh am I the only one who thinks it's strange that she was counting money on her face?

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the simple solution: makeup. didn't require much thinking power

your an idiot woofis. she wasn't counting money on her face, she obviously laid down on the table and fell asleep. Troll. OP, just use make up. Photoshop FTW for whatever won't cover nicely.

where do you work that you recieve pennies as part of your tip...YDI for having a shitty job

Some people will just give whatever loose change they happen to have.

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ydi for falling asleep without putting the money somewhere else. but your life sucks because your pictures are going to be horrible. :p

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off topic, but i love your hair(:

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Nobody mentioned it besides#6, #8, #19, #32, #21. lol, just teasing. I agree though they could just use some concealer and they wouldn't have a problem any more. Guy or Girl it works for both genders in a pinch.

LOVE YOUR HAIR!! hehe off topic yea ever heard of foundation of concealer?

They didn't mean to fall asleep. They probably came back from a shift as a waiter, not an easy job…

no worries! most photographers are amazing at touch-ups, i should know since i am one! if not, there are programs you can use to edit them yourself. :)

Yea, I got mine touched up to remove my acne. :D

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Exactly. Even if you're a dude, it works.

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Oh I feel so sorry, but there is a thing we modern girls use.....MAKEUP!! This is hardly an FML.

Um, not every girl wears makeup. SHOCK! Not everyone is the same! And it's entirely likely she lives with someone other than a female.

I take bagfuls of pennies, nickels, and dimes with me into the strip club. Since I can't afford to make it rain, I just make it hail in the club.

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pffft I make it snow. maybe you should go try to go to college.

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you can buy some at a drugstore. it's really not hard to find makeup

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Um, he/she can go to the store&buy some?! and I'd assume if she's a girl and is paying for senior pictures she'd most likely want to look her absolute best, and would therefore wear makeup.

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126, though I do agree, I know many girls who refuse to wear it, and not one of them is pretty without it.

ooo. that sucks. well at least you have the money.

boohoo YDI for falling asleep without securing your loot what if marauders broke into your house/room you would have no tips then.

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Call it what you will, but I seriously read it as " penises stuck on my face"