By Anonymous - Australia
Today, while trying to take my Christmas tree down, I learned that at some point during the last few weeks, it became home to a colony of green ants. I'm now covered in bites and terrified to go anywhere near it. FML
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  Grimmerie  |  31

Fake trees are awesome. We have two, both pre-lit, so I don't have to fuss with wires every year. We buy pine boughs and shove them into the tree so the house smells like pine, but we aren't sacrificing two live trees each year. (Huge house requires two trees apparently.)

We've had them for six years. That's twelve trees we haven't killed.

  vocaloidtiger  |  12

Okay guys, so I ACTUALLY researched this:

OP, being from Australia, could be talking about one of two species of ants that both have the nickname "Green Ant" -

"Green Ants" is a nickname often given to Weaver Ants (in this case, the Australian Weaver Ant). These ants are actually brown, so I really don't know why they were given the nickname they have, but whatever. They do bite, and, restating the obvious, can take residence in Australia.

OP could ALSO, however, be talking about the Green-Head Ant, which is often confused with the Weaver ant because both species have been dubbed "Green Ant". The Green-Head Ant IS slightly green - it sort of almost looks metallic, so basically, shiny and dark green. These are probably the ants that OP is talking about, as they are most often found in suburban/urban areas.

Hope this clears things up for everyone. c:

Also, sorry for ruining everyone's fun in trying to figure things out yourselves... I accept all thumb-downs openly.

  pipinya  |  8

I live in Australia, too, and I was told that Green Ants were just a species of radioactive cross-bred oxen and possum
At least, that's what Steve Irwin taught me..


#64 is probably right about the species and having been bitten by the blighters numerous times before, I can say that even one bite hurts like hell and I can relate to the OP's fear of going near the tree.
I'd suggest arming oneself with cans of Mortein and going in 'guns ablazin'

  grammarie  |  1

The weaver ants you speak of have large bright green bums, so yes, they are pretty much green. That's what "green ants" mean in northern Australia. They are edible & nutritious (lol). Their bites are annoying but fortunately the pain doesn't last very long. They do have a nasty habit of invading the house though, especially in the monsoon season.