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By Buttscratcher - 03/03/2012 16:12 - United Kingdom

Today, I was suffering from a persistant, irritating itch on my butthole. Worried, I took a picture with my iPhone to get an idea of what was causing said itch. I never found the source, but my Mum and grandmother did, on the iPad. Thanks, Photo Stream. FML
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The iCloud. The more evil cousin of auto correct. Apple's army is growing.

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Well, I hope you come up with an interest

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Haha picture that conversation. Mom: "Hey what does this look like to you?" *Zooms in. Grandma: "Hang on let me get my glasses... Dearie, I believe that is a butthole." GASP

-ing explanation. (sorry, the comment automatically posted mid-word)

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Anyone else checked if their photo stream was off?

I hate when i go to bed with an itchy bumhole and wake up with smelly fingers :(

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90- we didnt need to know that much about you and your hobbies...

When op has explained this to his mum she will never ask to borrow his phone again.

76- no, but I felt extremely glad I don't have it.

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Looks like he just got, puts on glasses.... Buttfucked!

129- in what way does my comment lead you to infer I don't read much? I was referring to the fact that he is probably going to have to explain to his mother and grandmother why he was taking a photo of his arsehole and that his mother is never going to want to touch something that has been that close to his anus.

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That's Nasty, **** your mum and grandmother lives for having to see that.

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That's a tad bit harsh considering they didn't do anything, don't you think?

Well, I'm sure both mum & grandmum have seen it before when changing his/her diaper. Actually seen worse I'm sure! ~smirks~

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O that's just nasty "Cleveland voice"

So that's what you do in your spare time... ;)

A would be .- I learned Morse on the plane ride home from when my family went to Jamaica :P

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What productive use of your time, 131.

Actually 138, I think that really Was a productive use of 131's time: He chose to learn a new skill while just sitting on a plane with nothing better to do, while most people sleep, watch a movie, flip through a sports magazine or make idle chit-chat, at best. :)

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Yea you signed up for iCloud n pic share tells you it shares. You deserve that for sure

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There's a lot of technology fml's today.

Because so many idiots use it without knowing all it's functions or considering any negative possibilities. Let this be an example kids: Think before you use technology! ... This is totally random and has nothing to do with the FML, but for real though, geotagging is a bitch, especially when you're trying to keep a low-profile.

Yeah 135! FML would be a lot better without the internet and the gadgets and the technology. (yes, I do realize it)

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You may want to turn it on airplane mode next time...

....or just turn off the photo share option, which is much easier without limiting the phone capabilities.

22 - if you turn off photo sharing it will remove photos from your phone that you may took with your other devices.

I only take photos from my iPhone and camera.

Well, now you know not do do that, it could've been worse... You could've sent it to everyone you know.

Not unless you sharing your apple ID with everyone you know.

Oh, the app!? Great idea but I don't think op knew about the app. (jk)

Because that would make too much sense

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You can't tag yourself in a mirror.

why not just wipe your ass when you shit? maybe op gave that up for lent..

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I'm sorry but that's gross. You should've went to the doctors instead of having people see your ass.

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Uh, it wasn't intentionally shared. OP apparently forgot it would share the pic.

10- doctors aren't considered people in your mind?

Yes #34, but it's actually fact. Doctor's aren't people, they're inter-dimensional demons. DocBastard is one when he told me some time ago. He'll deny it if you ask him though.

I'm sorry, I was in another dimension when I felt my name being mentio...I mean, um...I was in the other room when I overheard something... You will remember nothing of this. *waves hand*

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Well yeah, but why have people on photostream see it when a doctor can?

People don't generally run to a doctor as soon as something itches. Most people will rationally try and see if it's something that actually requires a doctor's attention which is what the OP was doing. He didn't think anybody but himself would see the picture.

You see, it's like this, They never meant to... Oh nevermind - go back to sleep. :P"

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The doctor would have seen his ass