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Today, I was coming home from a much-needed vacation. The time I spent on the plane consisted of kids screaming and throwing tantrums. One of them managed to give me a black eye with a shoe. Their mom pretended to be asleep so I'd have to deal with her kids for her. FML
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  thejimler  |  9

Because those parents are idiots who think that they aren't accountable for their children's actions, people need to confront these inconsiderate pricks and give them an ultimatum; either punish their child appropriately for their misdeeds, or depending on your level of self-control and the severity of the situation, press charges for damages and assault, or give them the ass-whooping their kid deserves.

  adam3650  |  12

I don't think it would be fair to start making demands of the steward/sterwardess. I'm sure they're just as annoyed at having to deal with other people's unruly kids as OP is.

  DDCA  |  24

Federal Regulations require you to comply with employees on board airplanes. Unruly children are not only a nuisance but a potential hazard. Planes are not playgrounds. That's all you have to say to a flight attendant. They can wake the woman up to deal with her children. People are so afraid to stand up to bad parents these days. It's kind of sad.

By  EVnIAS  |  13

why not wake her up I would have done that the very second the kids got out of control. if she didn't wake up I would shake her no way she wouldn't say something after that. unless she is dead but that's a whole different thing

  lmasters35  |  5

52 - with the way bratty kids misbehave and their parents fucking ignore them these days, this wouldn't surprise me at all. Dead people are quiet, who's gonna notice them with all the demonspawn running around screaming the plane to pieces?