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Today, I was driving my motorcycle, and I noticed someone was in the ditch, so I went to go help them. When the ambulance showed up, they ran over my bike, totaling it. FML
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sorry OP, guess a good deed never goes unpunished :(

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I bet the Allstate Mayhem guy was driving the vehicle

FYI. And that was really nice of you.

FYI. And that was really nice of you.

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Who cares if they have insurance. its the hospitals deal.

"Are you in good hands?" Well.. apparently not!

Your insurance can help you get a new one. Suing a hospital would mean so much hassle.

i bet your doggy there poops rainbows!

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i don't know who you are talking to but I do have a friend who poops rainbows when he pees...

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Why would you have to sue the hospital? I'm sure like everyone else they have car insurance. They can cover it... Its on them.

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Is your motorcycle a Harley Davidson? If so, then the ambulance ran over it for good reason. And you, sir, would be a fag. -South Park reference

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Obviously, the moderators have never watched South Park. I've seen worse comments. *sigh* -.-

120-- If it didn't work the first time, what the hell made you think it would flow the second time?!? Btw, Op, that's what you get for helping people.

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wow I just realized the comment I replied to got deleted so now it looks like I'm a complete idiot.... well this is awkward -_-

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158- I don't know whether to thumb your comment up or down. you make a valid point in the first part of your comment and in the second part I don't know if your being sarcastic or just a total douche. and if it is sarcasm then it really isn't appreciated here.

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Sarcasm is awesome. Its not that its not appreciated. Its just that most people are too dense to understand it.

23 most hospitals don't own the ambulances it's usually volunteers that the town owns or paid by a company separate from the hospital

ydi for helping him as a speeding ambulance was ravaging your bike

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that will teach you to ever help someone.

Yes of course, because every time you help somebody an ambulance runs over your bike, right?

I hope that wasn't a serious reply to 2's sarcasm 24

26 - I believe my sarcasm is more obvious than 2's . . .

I wasn't referring directly to your sarcasm 29... I was referring to the fact that you commented sarcastically to 2 as if 2 was being serious with the comment they made

Unicorns seem to always amaze me... THAMBS up IF THIS IS TRUE! THaMBS down IF THIS IS completly irrelevant to this FML... Code Names: Unicorns = Medics Therefore this comment is now related to this FML and should receive a proper Thumbs up. THUMBS DOWN IF IM AWESOME. im not awesome... This message has been approved by me, Charlie, The Unicorn... Unicorns are cool, they have a ******* horn for godsake!

43 - You are not good at trying to confuse people... 2 was being sarcastic so there would not be a reason to respond seriously... or vis versa i think.... anyways your wrong accept it :P

I think what he may be saying is it looks sort of dumb to reply sarcastically to an already sarcastic comment.

I'm not trying to confuse anyone... I'm just saying 2 was being sarcastic and 24 responded as if 2 was being serious... it's as simple as that but thank you 49 for completely over thinking that

ohh that could be the case! thanks for clearing that load of shit up. Potassium Nitrate + Sugar = some nice puffy clouds :P

i dont think its possible to over-think an unclear statement, if it is not clear enough to understand, then you automaticlly come to conclutions of the outcome, so i did not overthink anything, just looking for a plausable answer...

I was pointing to you stating that I was "trying to confuse people"... that's where you over thought things a bit

Ohh so putting one line that seems like it was added on to clear a misconception was to point out that one fault throughout your intire comment? because in your comment you only refered to "trying to confuse people" once and not again... so i assumed that that was not your original intent...

All I'm saying is that your comment at 49 was built upon your belief that I was attempting to word my previous comments in a way to cover up a mistake I made... that's why you said "you're not good at confusing people" and "face it you're wrong"... and because that's obviously not true... you over thought things and jumped to conclusions

IM RIGHT YOUR WRONG THATS THE WAY IT GOES, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! lol... i just wanted a conversation because it gets slightly lonley at 4 AM... and you gave it to me! thanks, no hard feelings? :P Good Night

Should of realized you were trolling after comment 44...

"trolling" is such a harsh word... and it was apparently a viable argument because you kept answering and answering...

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sorry OP, guess a good deed never goes unpunished :(

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Karma. Hey, it's the universe's morality, not a human's.

How is this even possible? Did you just leave your bike in the middle of the road? and is the person okay???

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did you left your motorcycle running?

It goes like this, the ambulance driver was high and went to turn the corner, instead of seeing a person trapped in a ditch and a man with a motorcycle, he saw a dragon trying to eat the man in the fiery pit of lava! Stupid cravkheads.

well ok then sir, you have enlightened me.

I hope you realize that 128 is wrong in nearly every way possible. Emergency crews won't plow through anything in their way, including vehicles. If a vehicle is in the way of their hose, they won't "cut up" the car. They move the emergency vehicle to a different position quickly. Emergency crews are liable for any damage done to another persons' property.

actualy if you are in the way of a fire hydrant then they can bust your windows to get to it because by law you can't park in front of them.

well then sir, you have unenlightened my enlightenment. (I have no idea how to spell that stuff)

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maybe the ambulance driver saw u overlooking a motionless body in a ditch and assumed that you had killed them so he swerved and hit your getaway vehicle.

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we are not ambulance drivers dammit

Damn right! Although to be fair, in some places they actually hire people to just drive the ambulance.

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+1. And if this were me driving, the answer is "it was in my way". Though I'd try and avoid it so it didn't puncture a tire or something.

So get Allstate, and better protect yourself from mayhem like me. :)

insurance is like a condom u only use it when u need it so fk insurance I go raw

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Like a good neighbor State Farm is there . . . with a new motorcycle!

Like a good neighbor state farm is there...... with the girl from 4B.

35- So what happens when you end up with multiple babies from multiple baby mamas? Bet you will wish you used a condom.

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If you're going to be a Good Samaritan, get insurance.

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the Samaritan that helped out a Jew never had insurance on his camel

maybe he will go to heaven ! (ps : ur pic is really nice ;))

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I love you.!! (p.s. her pic is Selena Gomez)

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truly right. (your beautiful and cute. just saying :) )

What, so out of the countless numbers of people in the world, no two people can look similar? I personally don't think I look like Selena Gomez, but a lot of people seem to think so. **** your life for being so arrogant.

Alright, think what you like. I can't be ****** arguing with an assuming little bitch.

livina, just take it as a compliment that electric_daisy thinks u look like Selena Gomez. although I'd have to say, you look better. :)

Hey, Livinia, put a picture of you doing something that Selena Gomez would never do (ie. hand written poster, you flipping the bird, even) that'll be proof enough. Btw, I agree, you're very pretty.

electric_daisy everyone knows you're a jealous ass old man wishing you looked like her who similarly looks like Selena but you can deffenently tell she isn't ,(:

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all tht matters is tht the person is ok right?

if it was at the point when they needed an ambulance, then its good that they were urgent about it...