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By me. - 18/06/2011 23:54 - United States

Today, I was on a flight home. I wasn't going to arrive until midnight, so I was offered an earlier flight that got back at ten. I got to baggage claims and it turned out they lost my bag. I sat there for 2 hours. The people on my original flight left for home before I did. FML
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Sorry OP, traveling through the airport can be a bitch

Maybe in a parallel universe, people find you funny.


Sorry OP, traveling through the airport can be a bitch

It can be a female dog? :0

ha ha ha ha ha I did you a favour by laughing at your joke. your welcome ^^

FYI. Sometimes the easiest things can end up being the worst.

Your profile picture is fucken hilarious

especially if they lose your stuff or break it (ex. like a vase or such. they just throw the bags around and all :l )

That's what happens when you try to cheat the system, OP

Just thank god you wernt next to a dying man that is puking violently.

It was not cheating, she/he got an offer to take an earlier flight, doesn't sound cheating to me.

hey it could've been way worse...you could've had to wait 3 hours.

Or crashed, or been hijacked, or been held up by security, or died, or

I know!! I mean, so you were delayed by a couple of hours? So what?

^ that's not the point of the fml. he was offered an earlier flight, so of course he excepted. however, they lost his baggage for over two hours and the people on his original flight headed home earlier. this means that BECAUSE of the earlier flight he was offered, he was home even later than he planned on being, even after his original flight. and have you ever had to wait in an airport for a couple of hours because of some inconvience? it's a bitch!!

my luck i would of waited the two hours then they would of told me they lost my bags...

Yup. When something seems to good to be true, it probably is.

so you changed flights while you were on a flight?

You don't know if they are going home or not. Ydi for not being patient.

It doesn't matter if the OP was patient or not, it wouldn't have made them find the bag any faster.

You never know. Maybe in a parallel universe they waited and the luggage didn't get lost:) duhh

Stupid ColorfulDonut. How's it possible to spell "lose" as "loose"? Oh yeah: shit happens!

Stupid ColorfulDonut. How's it possible to spell "lose" as "loose"? Oh yeah: shit happens!

Maybe in a parallel universe, people find you funny.

^^^^ where the fuck are u from?

16- Rapture, Atlantic Ocean. It's actually a very beautiful place from what I hear.

haha i meant the chick talking about parallel universes my bad #15

I would hope not. I wasn't trying to be funny so if they think I'm funny then they must be really dumb! :)Good day sir.

22; I'm glad you didn't put any effort in then, because it would have been an utter waste.

its ok 22 no one thought u were funny

Good. I guess you aren't a complete idiot then.

"today, I had to read a comment on FML from lulututu. FML" I swear I lose brain cells every time you try to make a joke!

Dang I can't say they deserve it without one of you losers getting all over it. Y'all should get a life and find something better to do then say I'm not funny when I obviously was not trying to be funny. Get over it and move on. Get a life while your at it:)

Just...stop already.

31; No need to be so defensive. Don't make a comment if you aren't prepared to have it potentially criticized. "duhh". Take your own advice and just "get over it and move on".

I'd just like to express a few concerns. I don't think there is any way OP could have deserved this. It has nothing to do with being patient. If I were offered a spot on an earlier flight, I'd take it in a heartbeat. I don't know what parallel dimensions have anything to do with this FML either. Also, I don't find that putting a ";)" after an insulting comment makes the comment seem nicer. If it does anything, it makes a person's comment seem more rude. It would be a smart decision to just bow out of this argument with grace Lulututu. MonikaBug seems like a very powerful person on FML and it would be hard to win an argument with her.

STFU! nobody thinks you're being cute or funny so just stop while you're behind, or before you hurt yourself from trying too hard

38 do you feel better now? Its okay let out your anger and talk lile a big boy....over the internet. :)

Hey, 39? From now on every time you ":)", you love me double, triple for every smartass ":(" and quadruple everytime you say you weren't trying to be funny. I will start you out with 2 Monikabug-love points. I can't lose! Best game EVAR!

35 I don't use winky faces and I definitely do it to be more rude:) and its fine if she wins. I hope she feels better about herself. All I know is I don't need to pick fights to feel good about myself but I will defend myself. Especially since I definitely was not trying to be funny in the first place the way people seem to think I was. But whatever:)

*sigh you tell me to get a life yet you can't even close your mouth. btw lulututu you are the first person to tell me im smart when i tell you your not funny. NOTHING YOU SAY MAKES SENSE.

if you're going to try to diss someone at least get your spelling right. "lile"? honestly, just stop before you hurt yourself by thinking too hard. please do us all a favor

I said you're smart for not thinking I'm funny because I wasn't trying to be. But of coarse you need to feel like a smartass so you will not shut Your mouth.

I'm sorry my cell phone has tiny buttons. Feel better now? :)

From a measly 2 to a whopping 32 Monikabug-love points in less than a minute. Damn. She really loves me.

Yes I do:) I hope you didn't think I hate you? Your great entertainment. :) I love you!! :)

41- Just shut up already. You alreay made yourself look like an ass. And obviously you always dont win an arguement. You might want to change your bio there. Also, you should take an attitude check. Hope you get far in life (:

it's even more sad that you say you're not trying to be funny. at least before it could be passed off as bad humor, I mean who honestly says that kind of BS? there is seriously something wrong with you

Guys, guys.. She's an 18 year old egocentric kid. She's just a child mentally, perhaps she's been dropped on her head too many times. Personally, I'd have swung a bat at her head, but dropping has negative effects, too. Let's just move along, and let her think she's not a snot-nosed bratty idiot. Trust me, I have one of these for a sister. I really think it's one of those strange creatures that disappears when ignored. Teenagers like this can't stand to be ignored. Try it. She may just die from lack of attention. Seriously, though, is it just me, or ar 18 year olds unbearable lately? Sigh. I blame Justin Bieber.

Ohh you think you hurt my feelings.Guys and gals I hate to break it to you but y'all aren't going to hurt my feelings. I have a backbone. Sorry if you dont:)

goodness lulututu, you are definitely no help in proving that the stereotype people have on us texans is wrong.

Excuse me 51 but I am being picked on and sticking up for myself. They said I wasn't funny and I said that's fine yet I'm being egocentric. Woah I'm sorry to agree with these idiots.

Good texas sucks.

51- I blame Justin Bieber too. He gets gayer everyday. I mean he comes out with nail polish & now his own perfume ? Geez. And 18 year olds are definitely hard to handle. My brother is a prime example !

My brain is going into BS overload right now. The comment that MonikaBug made about you being funny in another dimension did not need any further conversation. Who cares if you are trying to be funny or not? People don't pick on other people because they aren't funny. People pick on other people because they are E.G. self centered, obnoxious, always thinking they are right.

Whatevz, yo. I'm just here basking in the warmth of her undying love for me. It just keeps growing. Soon we will all be encompassed by it. 10 internets to whosoever tallies up the amount of her love for me at the end of all this.

honestly lulututu, you, Miley cyrus, and Justin bieber are the reasons why terrorists hate America

Okay I'm done:) I lose, feel better about your self. And by the way I hate justin bieber and love soad:)

No, you're not. You've reached the point of senselessly arguing for the sake of living up to your bio. The way you act, and the way you present yourself, on this site is what makes you a typical egocentric child with delusions of maturity. Make stupid comments, be ready to get bashed. Argue like an idiot when you're not right, prepare to either lose the argunent or look like a bigger idiot. Your behavior is not cute, it's not nice, and it's that of another teenaged drone who thinks the world owes them something. We don't. Get over yourself, and bow out like a woman, or get treated like a child.

You are dragging this out way too long. Just let it go already. Your comebacks suck and you just keep repeating yourself. You are convincing no one but yourself that you were not trying to be funny.

I've got a question lulututu or whatever it is, your telling people to get a life but you keep coming back to comment? Thats a life?

oh c'mon guys, you have to agree. lulututu is now so funny because of her nonsense parallel universe comment. dont worry lulututu, you are definitely making me laugh with all your angry replies. keep up the stupidity. lmfao

HAHAHAHAHAHA Lulututu: A) Youre telling people to get a life as your constantly checking the comments on this to see if people bashed you more? B) Clearly you were trying to be funny or at least get thumbs up, and were defending yourself in the best way that you could, which evidently was making you look like more of a dumbass. C) Why do you think it makes us people feel any better by commenting on your mistakes? You took everything so seriously and tried to act cavalier by putting a smiley face when what started out as a simple joke (I.e. 'you're not funny') became a desperate need for you to stop commenting. SO STOP COMMENTING, DELETE YOUR FML ACCOUNT, AND GO OUTSIDE k thanks.

I honestly didn't see a problem with her comment. Sure, it wasn't funny, but you don't all have to bash on her continuously.

how could the op deserve it did he purposely lose the baggage? I love how idiots say how to op deserves it when they dont it cracks me up 

You're a pathetic 18 year old. Get off the Internet and go outside for once.

Dear lulu the idiot, Shut up, your more annoying than me when I put 30 seconds into a joke, which almost always turn out terrible combined with the fact that Chris Brown came out of the closet after he sang with Justin Bieber. Lol your name sucks, I should make an account just to troll you wherever you comment, and I'm not one of those I loose interest over time tro.... Hey look a kitty kat!

I cannot believe I read this entire conversation.

Me neither.....but seriously, that snotty little bitch needs to grow up!

o-o You people..Had a Convo basically About Lulututu ..&& I only had to Read Half to understand..She actually Is the Winner on all Those Comments..

-89 Cool story bro

Stupid baggage people how is even possible to loose something as big as a bag?

when there are hundreds of bags on one plane, millions of bags in one airport? yea that's ebb it's possible. dushe bag .

Once again I need to repeat myself on another airline story. Fuck off, I work for the airport. We are human like you. We do not lose luggage, they get found later. He was offered an earlier flight which means HE'S LUGGAGE IS ON THE LATER FLIGHT. Many things go wrong. If someone checks in late you better believe we are not holding up a flight for the luggage to make it on a plane. It also passes thru TSA which takes longer.

if you lived at the airport like some people, this wouldn't be a concern at all! There would instead be much bigger concerns, of course..

I bet OP wishes he/she could feel the happiness described in your profile picture

Optimistic redemption time: Maybe you would have been stuck next to someone who uses up three sick bags by the time the airplane takes off. Think of the fate you avoided. In case that's the person you did end up next to on the new flight, FYL. In case you are that person.... yeeeuch.

Nowadays, it's impossible to walk through an airport without being tackled and body slammed by a group of airport security claiming they thought your toothbrush was a bomb.

could have been worse, you could have crashed :p

Start making a big scene and screaming "Bomb" at the airline like Ben Stiller on Meet the Parents

Yes, because this will not only get your luggage found faster, but you will also get a bunch of hugs from TSA! :) ... rough hugs. Also, you may not be able to fly ever again.