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Today, my brother thought he would take my key and steal my shoes from my football locker while I was at practice. What he didn't think about was him leaving my locker unlocked for the 3 hours of practice. Someone stole my iPod, my cell phone, my wallet, and all of my clothes. FML
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go home and take a dump in his pillow case

Jep, Stand up for yourself and make him pay.


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Again, another fake FML Sure, someone would definitely steal your ipod and wallet, but do you live in the ghetto? First off, someone only would have stolen your cell phone to sell, otherwise it would be of no use once you deactivate it And your clothes? Why would someone steal your clothes, aren't the ipod and wallet enough? Those you can fit in your pocket, but the clothes are probably worth 10% of what the ipod and wallet combined are. So, fake. This is all from a thief's perspective, and this isn't what a real situation would be like.

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I disagree, in my PE class someone broke into my locker and took my clothes, which I find gross. But they did steal some of my other stuff. They took my notes from class. So maybe from where your from no one would take clothes. But here, they would.

Dude you're a ******* prick. They'd steal your clothes just to embarrass you, because they're arseholes.

Nobody knows for sure if its fake besides the OP himself. Don't be so quick to judge, just because it sounds wrong to you. It makes you look obnoxious.

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I understand being skeptical about the clothes, but of course someone could steal a cell phone. It could of been a metro phone or something. I use Sprint, and you can switch off companies. He could of deactivated the phone before it got that far, but his locker was open for three hours, it could of been anytime between that. People get phones, iPods, etc stolen in my town all the time. But then again, Detroit is only a good four blocks down.

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yes someone steal clothes, in fact somekid in my gym class thought it would be a good idea to steal my deoderant

Yeah my town has a really low crime rate and people get things from their lockers stolen.. It's mostly their clothes, too. I guess kids don't want to have to $20 for gym clothes xD

Hey Poonheart your a ******* idiot at my old high school people used to steal backpacks clothes everything not just wallets phones ipods blahblahblah. People are just ****** up and steal whatever they can get their hands on.

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#45 if they were in your class you would notice them wearing your clothes. And there is always the possibility you would notice by chance even if they were in a different class (a friend in their class, forgot something so you came back etc) and it would have to be someone around your size so if you're pretty skinny or obese it would be even easier to figure out who they are. I think stealing the clothes to be an ass is highly plausible but not to wear them yourself for gym. It could happen and you could not get caught but I just don't think so. Oh but if your school had uniform gym clothes then you would probably not be caught and people would be more likely to steal and wear them.

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Yeah, this definitely isn't fake. Last year in my P.E. class my friend and I shared a locker. She only made the combination lock look like it was closed, it was really open though. She can't open a combination lock for her life and she didn't want to wait for me the next day. She didn't think anyone would go in out locker. So somebody noticed it and stole our pants because we're obviously required to change our clothes for class. Oh and to mention it, half my city is considered ghetto. I don't live over in those areas though. And if you think I'm lying about making the lock look like it was close, there's a square indent on the locker where you put the lock and she propped it up to look like it's closed.

#55, right because anyone with the same clothes as you obviously stole them from you. theres no such thing as mass production. theres no stores where anyone can go and buy it.

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Well, this FML isn't fake. In my gym class in a period of about 4 months I had 2 cell phones, a BACKPACK, sandals, sneakers, & a pair of jeans stolen from me. Its just that some people have no ******* lives. >.>

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actually, it's quite common to have your clothes stolen. trust me, it happened to my girlfriend.

15 someone stole my green shirt once. I was thinking wat kind of freak steal a shirt

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15 you're a dumbass, people will steal anything, have you been living under a rock or something?

Arsehole isn't a misspelling. It's another slang type word

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I'd blow up whatever prized possessions he has (i.e. skateboard, guitar, trophies)

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Don't speak to me like that, i am the Devil, hell now has internet, we are years ahead of heaven.

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and hell went ahead and blew up the earth, and all suddenly had Internet. xD

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I hate people like you who vote YDI for no good reason... You're a douche you know that!

School does not apply in your life eh?

OP didn't do anything I think you're reading it wrong. His brother took his lock while he was away and someone else stole his clothes

Jep, Stand up for yourself and make him pay.

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tour bro is the hero of the day he's a keeper u better keep him forever for that I think u have to marry him n yeah next time don't be such a mean n selfish bro that ur bro has to steal instead of just asking u

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This is the second FML in the past twenty-four hours where someone from Oregon describes their shit getting stolen.