By Anonymous - 24/10/2015 23:46 - United States - Irving

Today, I went through an entire roll of toilet paper in just over an hour. You win this time, questionable pork souvlaki. FML
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Why eat it in the first place if it was questionable?

Gas station food. Not even once.


Why eat it in the first place if it was questionable?

Sometimes a food's questionability is exceeded by a person's hunger?

I agree with #13 100%. Like for instance, when I eat Taco Bell. Is it good for me? No. Does it benefit me in any way? No. Am I going to regret it later? While eating it am I going to question my life choices? Yes. Am I still going to eat it? Of course, while drinking baja blast because hunger and thirst.

Maybe it was mysterious and seductive. it's all for the thrill.

food poisoning sure is seductive and mysterious

Well to be honest it does make you hot and you never really know when it's coming, which could be considered mysterious ;)

I am reading this from my very own throne or torture. Damn you left over spaghetti bolognese.

I'm sorry OP :(

... are you actually?

How does this have negative votes

It's a pointless comment. Plus.. You really can't be sincerely sorry through the Internet.

I am actually! Who would wish "that" upon anyone? C'mon now.

Just because you didn't wish it on them doesn't mean you're sorry. I wouldn't wish such things on people but I'm certainly not "sorry" if it happens. It sucks, and while I can agree it's pretty crappy it's not the end of the world just a mild FML moment.

There's a button for that. It's called "I agree, your life sucks"

darksilence17 10

I'm the first commenter! Oh Yea and go buy more tolit paper

First commenter to look silly maybe

Maybe next time

But probably not.

That's shitty :(

You're a fucking idiot.

Well that was a tad unnecessary...

Well that's shitty.

Why do people keep trying this? It's never going to work!


tantanpanda 26

Were they ever funny?

Nah, they've always been shitty.

IridianShadow 20

You sure are a dare devil, aren't you?

Pork souvlaki is always worth it.

I prefer beef & lamb souvlaki

Out of all souvlaki, lamb is the best to me. I prefer gyros, though. I miss that Santorini air, and asking vendors, "ένας γύρος, παρακαλώ! (one gyros, please!)"

I hope you used febreeze in there

is that your mini in your profile pic?

Try private messaging, yo

why does it matter? can a man not ask a question without getting beat to the ground?

Yes you can ask a question without getting "beat to the ground", over private messaging. That's why it exists.

sorry for being a demon for waisting your eyes

tantanpanda 26

^You need to find a new English teacher because they are not doing you justice.

pphead 5

Mmmmmmmmmm souvlaki