By ohdearyme - 09/01/2015 12:06 - United Kingdom - Guildford

Today, I found out my boyfriend was on a dating website. He came up as an ideal match for my sister. FML
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Ouch. Sorry about that OP! I'm sure it's just a coincidence, though he shouldn't be there if you're in a relationship with him.


Ouch. Sorry about that OP! I'm sure it's just a coincidence, though he shouldn't be there if you're in a relationship with him.

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yes and to all the people who get cheated on and are hurt, just stop. they can do whatever they want. duh

maybe when he's single he can? if someone wants to do whatever they want in the sense then they should be single, not in a relationship.

#19 I agree. I can do whatever I want. That's what I told the judge....... I'm not holding up so well in court.

He can do whatever he wants? Really? You can just go about your day hurting others not caring about their feelings or the harm you cause huh? You're an idiot plain and simple. If this fellow wants to be on dating sites or date someone else he needs to break up with her first. It's called having respect for others feelings. And if he is just another loser who wants to cheat on his girlfriend you're just as pathetic for defending him.

When will the FML community realize adrian1910 is a troll? Always threadjacks the first comment, always writes something that gets buried into oblivion, and probably sits back and laughs at the multitude of responses that come pouring in. STOP FEEDING THE TROLLS, GUYS.

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I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. How long have you been together? If 6 months or less, maybe he made it before or near the time he met OP. When was his last time he logged in? Screenshot and get evidence so he can't lie his way out of it in case he is doing wrong.

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^made the account before meeting OP and forgot to delete it*

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Why was OP looking at dating sites ? I think someone was maybe cat fishing also

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I'm on a few and I'm engaged. It's strictly for friendship because I have trouble meeting people though.

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79 you're on a dating site looking for friendship? ... dating sites are for dating.. facebook, instagram, etc is for friendship.

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People on facebook and social sites aren't really looking for friends tho :/ Just people they already know. I moved to be with my fiancé and don't know people. Dating sites actually have "looking for friends" option and it works pretty well.

It's okay OP. You should find someone that wants to be with you and is not looking for other people.

They might have had the account before their relationship. It's not his fault the site matched him with the sister if that was the case. But that's best-case. I sincerely hope it isn't the worst.

hold up hold up!! the site matched them and there is no evidence that OP's bf did anything inappropriate. His only fault is that he happened to be a member of the same dating website that OP's sister was.

yes but if he had a gf.....why was he the dating site if he wasn't looking for someone else?

If he was on the site prior to their relationship and forgot, that's also reasonable.

It's unwise to assume that OP's boyfriend was up to no good, just because she found a dating site profile. There's the possibility that he had it before their relationship, and simply forgot about it.

Well that is true. most dating sites show a last login date though so OP could check that. But if he did have it before and forgot about it. I agree that is is completely reasonable.

I'm a member of several dating sites since before I met my gf, haven't logged in to them since I met her though, so don't be too quick to judge op's bf.

The real question is, why was op on a dating website if she has a boyfriend? They are both at fault since they are both using that site. In his defense, it could have been an old profile.

...considering he matched with OP's sister, the sister probably told her

How active is the profile. I mean for all we know it was a older profile that wasn't in use.

#62 That is a good point, but it could have been an old profile. I thought of that after the timer ran out for editing. You can buy 1 year memberships for those sites, so he could have made the account before they got together and never deleted it.

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Let him date your sister, you might both be happier.

That would be an awkward holiday dinner

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He's the only one who's has been doing the eating.

Yeah, they should definitely all change their lives because a computer program on a dating site said so.

I think your nose got a little bigger after this haha

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In the faraway future, when #6 changes his profile picture, someone will be very confused.

Dumb him through the same dating website.

What if they're not a good match and OP doesn't find him?