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  davecross  |  11

I wouldn't rat him out to his parents, but I would talk to his sister to brother and explain that he needs to wait a bit long before he can start looking at porn on his computer. And don't tell him To wait until he 18. I would tell him to wait until he's 15 or 16. But if he has any question that he could ask you (if that's something you comfortable doing)

  chosha_fml  |  25

Actually, that’s how he’ll get fucked up ideas about sex and women. Porn isn’t real sex and the way people behave isn’t like real life sex. But a 10-year-old isn’t going to be able to work that out. Plenty of adult men don’t either. Plus, he’s a kid watching adults have sex. That’s also pretty screwed up

  PhantomCrevan  |  8

He's ten. Boys don't typically really get going in the puberty department- as in, hair growth, growth spurts, and sex drive- until around age thirteen. So frequent porn viewing tends to be a sign of some sort of problem for that age group- be it social, physical, emotional, or mental. It also makes it more likely for the person to become a victim of sexual abuse- or to have already been one- and increases the likelihood of developing a porn addiction by a large margin.

By  Glowworm56  |  25

Kids are always going to find something sexual on the internet whether by accident or on purpose. I think he should be okay as long as he isn't doing anything that he's learned from that site in public.

  snailsinyourtea  |  15

Savage af lmao

  Willibobs  |  33

He's 10, no child should have unrestricted access to the internet, just a shame it was his sister keeping an eye out for him as opposed to his parents. OP you should tell your parents.

By  Vesi  |  26

I know I'm going to get downvoted for this, but that is a major fail on your parents part. As a big sister, thank you for watching out for your younger sibling. It is best to explain what you saw to your parents. He's only 10 years old and this is a *serious* matter not to be taken lightly. And those joking about it, it's already been established that he visits this site often. THAT makes it a very bad thing. Their parents should have installed a net nanny program.

By  PhantomCrevan  |  8

Somehow I don't think he's going to sites like that to laugh at the horrible acting like I did when I discovered porn.

Also, I'd base your decision of what to do by how often you mean by "regularly" and how far along through puberty he is, because at age ten, he shouldn't be having high levels of sexual impulses. Early watching of porn can also be an indication of grooming or sexual abuse, so that is a bit of a concern here. Also, if you do tell your parents, I'd take a screenshot of his browser history and send it to your phone or something, so you don't come across as a liar if he discovers the power of erasing the history or using incognito tabs.