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Today, my husband and I got into an argument over him not brushing his teeth. It ended with him snapping his toothbrush in half. He's 52. FML
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2- I don't know? Maybe because they love each other? I know, it's a hard concept to understand but please try.


brettrb 18

That's the great thing about being a male - we age physically but we can stay young at heart. Granted temper tantrums aren't the first thing that comes to mind with this saying, but to each their own I suppose.

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This should have been under the category "kids"

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looks like someone needs a timeout

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I guess the road to dentures is going to be rough and short...

at least it was her husband and not her son whos 52

2- I don't know? Maybe because they love each other? I know, it's a hard concept to understand but please try.

flynryder 7

That's a stupid question. Why did you marry him. Why do you ware shitty clothes? Because you like them. That's why she married him because she liked him.

Couples argue over silly things all the time. That doesn't mean they stop loving each other.

That was a stupid comment.Obviously they wouldnt not marry because of the problem in the FML.

#33- "Gosh Darnit Dale, where in the heck have you been all these years? You've had Boomhauer, Bill and me worried sick" Couldn't help reading your comment in Dales voice..

lol the Mormons at the door. I argue with my husband fairly regularly. I still love him and he loves me but when you live with someone you are bound to disagree on some things. Brushing your teeth is actually an argument ive had. It's normal.

raspution 21

Was the idiot like that before you married him? If yes - YDI

Respect101 17

There is a huge difference between being an idiot and being childish. Plus she doesn't deserve it if this is the main thing. It's somewhat easy to fix. I don't see why people are calling him an idiot.

I agree! Surely he would have had terrible breath before they even got together, indicating a lack of oral hygiene.

He's most likely a nice guy with just a flaw. That doesn't mean she deserves it. When you are truly in love, you look past that person's flaws or try to help him/her out with it. She wants to help his hygiene.

brettrb 18

Yes, but it means she's not sure if yuck.

brettrb 18

No, a question mark is used for questions. That's why it is called a question mark.

KVKdragon 26

It's a short one word question used to convey basic reactions, with which a person is unsure if it is acceptable or not. It's like someone saying "Yay?" to unexpected unfortunate circumstances/events/actions that ends up benefitting that someone or making that someone feel a positive emotion/elation. Example: douchebag driver cuts you off in the lane you're driving in while giving you the finger but then ends up crashing off the street with life-altering damage to himself or his car. Yay?

He's a grown man; does what he wants. Nuff said.

Until he tries to stick his dirty ass mouth anywhere near her, then he's not going to get to do what he wants.

#6, with stinky breath he wont get any if he wants it, so i think your wrong.

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Unless he wants to go down on her. Then she won't give a damn what his breath smells like

PotatoPal 11

#55, I sure wouldn't want a dirty, germy mouth going down on me. He can keep that to himself.

lol, your name says it all. I never understand why someone chooses not to brush their teeth.

Exactly! I cannot even drink water in the morning before brushing my teeth.

If you eat/drink before brushing your teeth in the morning, you're just swallowing all that built up bacteria and plaque. It's disgusting.

Now he can use the brush AND the snapped end as a toothpick. Genius!

ill_Will23 8

At least you found a positive somewhere.

Well! If you don't have a child, you do now!

Definitely would not be leaving him alone with the kids/grandkids if that's how he's going to react to things.

That's a full blown temper tantrum but kinda funny.