By okaythen - Egypt - Cairo
Today, a cute guy ditched his date and walked up to me, calling me beautiful. Not knowing how to reply, I just blushed. His date got angry and left. "Sorry. I take that back," he then said. "I was just trying to get rid of her. Thanks anyway." FML
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  \  |  28

He just lost 2 potential dates.

  Kukua  |  5

How did he spare her feelings? He hit on another girl while he was on a date with her. She stormed off angry - no feelings spared there!

And he was only honest to the op afterward; telling her that he didn't, in fact, find her beautiful.

Thankfully, with his charm, it's only a matter of time before some girl kicks him in the balls. Hopefully it's hard enough that he never breeds.

  GrantEvans  |  14

sure it does.. but im sure that there were other women there so OP had to be pretty. im not saying what that guy did was right on any terms but if it were me i would take it as a compliment

By  sammyjanette  |  17

He sounds like a supreme douche bag anyways. It's probably better that he wasn't really interested in you. Now, you don't have to suffer through his terrible personality.