By ashleyrae - 29/06/2011 14:55 - United States

Today, my brother got a pet ferret. He told me it had a flexible spine, so I bent it backwards. It farted, and clawed my face. FML
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WinterPerfection 3

What if the spine wasn't flexible?!

FriskyTaco 0

he told you it had a flexible spine so you tried to kill it??


steierr 7

hahahaha fail :)

yummycupkake 0

haha, that reminds me of the evil ferret who didn't know when to stfu from Scary Movie 2 :D

Who the hell told you bending it backwards would be a good idea!?

oreobunbun 3


comepoopwithme 0

at least its back didnt break!

umm 7... that was a parrot not a ferret

yummycupkake 0


ferrets: nature's slinky

You know, when they say it's flexible, it doesn't mean the ferret likes being bent...

adropofpeace 8

So actually, it was the ferret who farted, not the dog... Silly boyfriend needs to get his facts straight.

At least he didn't spank it in the bathroom

bwahahaha! get pooped on

i was expecting "so I bent it backwards and killed it"

131 - I know, I was expecting a more tragic ending. But that's hilarious! ;D

KiddNYC1O 20

LOL at #7's epic fail.

op seems like the kind of person that would poke a hibernating bear with a sharp stick because she 'heard they were soft'.

you just got owned by a ferret..with a flexible spine and anus.

leprechaun23 15

how do u message someone on FML

That wasn't nice! :(

OfficialxAmber 0

122 - Are you referring to a previous FML? x) Win.

zuzupetalsYO 11

yer mean :( this is the ferrets FML

WinterPerfection 3

What if the spine wasn't flexible?!

failpie 0

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The brother would have had a broken ferret.

Talk about bending over backwards.

WiteBoyThatCan 0

then the ferret would have farted and then died..

katieklein 0

Note to self: never let the OP have a pet! she might break it!

RainbowHeadache 2

All spines are flexible to a degree but no animal likes to be bent backwards. Putting them upside down like that freaks them out, then adding a pressure to their spine on top of being upside down would just make them into little psychopaths. They're only trying to protect themselves :[

I have 2 ferrets. Their spines are flexible, just not backwards (:. poor ferret :(

nilin95 1

I love ferrets I had 2 i missum had to give them to the kennel cuz I was moving and they couldn't handle the stress.

lol bye bye birdie!

BigWiggly 0

You silly muffin, we're talking about Ferrrets, not birds.

that's how I protect myself, I fart.... it scares away predators.

thechief50 0

a ferret isn't a bird.... it's like a wessel

RemusJLupin 8

I was worried about that

OP, what in the world made you think bending the fucking f

shit. let's actually end this comment.. Ferret backwards would be a good idea, and that he would enjoy being bent in half. Were you hoping he would happily dance away? Maybe singing you a song? Good lord YDI.

And also I'm pretty sure that they aren't really flexible that way, just more side-to-side.

Being stupid would convince op.

rkurdek 4


leprechaun23 15

wat does OP stand for

OP stands for Original Poster (person who posted the FML)

Dammit 222, do you know the amount of fun we could have had?? A perfect opportunity to mess with a new person, ruined. Haha but glad to see there are still helpful people out there.

davids23 0

What is OP mean

Fireashes250 16

Orange platypus.

FriskyTaco 0

he told you it had a flexible spine so you tried to kill it??

Fuck you OP. I have 3 sweet ferrets all of whom adore me. What in fuckung christ's name would make you even THINK about that?!?! Fucking moron I hope someone bends you backwards and lets see if YOU enjoy it.

^very passionate about ferrets

Damn right I am.

alexg823 0

y u not know this meme?!?!

itsmeppl 0

I agree wholeheartedly he should nt tyr ta freaking KILL IT ohhhhh animal cruelty gets me so mad!!!!

frozenshake 5

whenever I hear animal fmls I always hope it doesn't end with the animal hurt D: I want a ferret :3 but my cat or dog would probably eat it D:

don't they have a smell and they're all oily?

Animal cruelty is only when the animal is hurt physically or emotionally. No ferrets were hurt in the making of this FML. If you hear an animal is smart it is not an attempt at killing it if you make the animal since a puzzle for some food (if this makes no sense to you then disregard it) bending a ferret does not hurt them I've seen people tie a ferret in a knot and it was fine.

At least it just farted and didn't die

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shift_love 13

fifth? wut teh hell lol

shift_love 13

you're sixth. the other guy was 5th. wtf is going on here. oh yea. don't bend animals. it's not nice lol

iAmScrubs 19

It's like one of those poor quality toys that are made using the worst materials but advertised to be the most fun thing ever. "Ferret Bend! Bend the ferret in any direction you like, BUT WATCH OUT because if you bend it too much, it will fart on you."

GreenMaze 0

is the ferret okay?

phreshboi 1

humans have flexible spines too, doesn't mean you go around bending people backs...

minidinosaurgoes 9

i sang the pokemon theme with you :D

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plum_lovin 28

Wow, idk about that but... that's pretty retarded of her to do that. I mean if I told you I was a gymnast and that I was flexible that doesn't mean I want you to bend me backwards because I would probably punch you in the face too..

plum_lovin 28

Wow, idk about that but... that's pretty retarded of her to do that. I mean if I told her I was a gymnast and was flexible I wouldn't want her to bend me backwards, and I would punch her in the face too.

Ohhh, your spine might be flexible?? wanna try that one?

WiteBoyThatCan 0

no, I just want to have sex with you

you should watch "Lolita in the library" it is a good movie :D

BigHoshJosh 0

for a second I thought you said you were gonna kill it! that wouldn't have been good..

Now, let's see if you like being bent backwards until your spine is on the verge of snapping.