By laughing-stock - 02/09/2013 21:40 - United Kingdom - Swindon

Today, I was telling my brother about how my new colleagues and I don't share a sense of humour. He replied, "What, you mean they don't pretend to laugh at your jokes like everybody else?" FML
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Welcome to the real world!!

Don't worry, OP. We'll laugh at you!


When there not laughing with you there laughing at you. Ouch. Sorry

californiapoppy 11


^1 will never catch why his comment is giving us fellow FML readers a good chuckle, while he's got so many negative votes.

^^^ it's a lose-lose situation.

Look, I don't mean to be the nazi, but I learned the correct use of "there, they're and their" when I was eight. That's probably why he's getting down-voted.

So, you're not funny. It could be worse. You could be stupid and ugly too.

wow 2 aren't you just great at making people feel good, lol

Pwn17 25

I get that you mean well, but that's not comforting at all.

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

I know you probably mean well, but the phrasing of your sentence makes you sound rude.

Too bad you can't tell whether OP is ugly or not.

It's a joke, guys. My goal wasn't to bring comfort, but cruel laughter. Perhaps I fell short on the latter. But for all I know, OP could be hideous. But it seems, given his/ her ability to write a short anecdote with proper spelling and grammar, that OP isn't stupid. So there's that.

Welcome to the real world!!

Sir_ND_Pity 35

Isn't being an adult absolutely peachy? :)

you had to find out sometime, op.

Only if you could by humour and class

Hey, as long as you think you're funny...

Don't worry, OP. We'll laugh at you!

10- Er, we meant WITH you, OP! WITH you!

Brother 1 / You 0

Pwn17 25

Here's a funny joke for him: Why did the guy kick his brother in the nuts?

Donnakar 20

Maybe your coworkers are just unfriendly