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By sciencesadness - 08/02/2014 23:24 - United States - Lynnwood

Today, a robin flew into my window and died. My mom, being a biology teacher, thought it would be a great experience for my brother and me to dissect it on the kitchen table. She threatened to ground us if we didn't do it. FML
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DedicatedNova 13

My mom is a science teacher. I feel your pain OP.

Good experience for when you have to do it in school but that's still horrifying. FYL.


DedicatedNova 13

My mom is a science teacher. I feel your pain OP.

I guess your parents have a "chemical" romance. Yeah...yeah...? Ok...

to OP: my brother and I* ;P (yeah I'm kidding.) actually, shouldn't it be "me and my brother" instead of "my brother and me"? sorry, my mom is an English teacher.

No it's my brother and me. The other person should always go first, I believe.

No, it really is my brother and I. (Sorry, op, writer)

It is brother and me because it is objective him and his brother were not the subject of the sentence it was used. If they had been the subject it would be brother and I

It has to make sense if you take out the other person. "... for me to dissect it" makes sense, "... for I to dissect it" doesn't.

This sounds like a Crona and Medusa situation...ha

I see what you did there.

Good experience for when you have to do it in school but that's still horrifying. FYL.

Wait, you guys have to dissect animals at school?! Why? What benefit does this have over just learning the body parts? Or is this all part of an elaborate plot to discover people who have sociopathic tendencies by observing their reactions when they cut open dead animals?

Seriously? Every middle school, high school and college does this. This is not a new concept.

Not everyone on FML is from the U.S., you know. Other countries just may have different educational experiences.

Well, I can tell you that dissecting an animal and simply learning the parts is a very different experience. While I can easily name the different parts on a picture, finding them and identifying them in real life is much more difficult. You get a much more vivid and 3D idea of where the different layers and cavity membranes are, how the connect, etc... It's also a good way to learn how to use the tools (important especially if you're in a health science course and plan to go into something like medicine or veterinary work). I'm sure there are other reasons, those are just the first ones to jump to mind.

#41, thank you Capt. Condescension, I was sooo not aware of anything outside of my little USA bubble. You have opened my eyes. /sarcasm off

53: Thanks for explaining, at least it makes some sense now. Truth be told, though, I still don't think that this should be mandatory for people who don't plan on entering these specific fields. [Although it probably does help to prevent people from starting e.g. a medicine degree, only to realise halfway through that they faint upon seeing blood/guts.] PS: If public schools were better equipped for modern days, you could maybe make a virtual version of it, so that children can learn about this stuff via software and avoid the smells/blood. If we look at e.g. Surgeon simulator, I doubt that it'd be all that difficult to program good 3D models of frogs or birds.

RpiesSPIES 27

Surgeon Simulator does not wear gloves, it'd be a horrible way to teach! Not to mention many of the tools used and procedural methods.

We dissected a pigs heart in science class. That wad in the UK and we were about 14-15 years old. Also we didn't have to do it if we didn't feel comfortable it was optional. A few girls in my class cried about it. It is totally different from seeing it in a text book!

We dissected a cow's eye and a pig heart, and a squid. We were told that we could opt to do a different assignment if our religions or beliefs went against it. I'm happy I did, I still am able to educate people on how the eye works 11 years later.

#66 I'm happy to help :) As you mentioned, one of the important things of dissecting is that it gives you a feel early on of what you are going into. If we used surgeon simulator, we'd lose the whole point of that. When you dissect something real you have to get used to the smells and liquids (which btw aren't really blood, but mostly liquids the specimen has been stored in) and it's important to get used to those before you even think of starting to cut open live things. I think surgeon simulator would be more useful as an additional teaching method, and not the sole one. Anyways, the things we dissect (fetal pigs, cow eyes and hearts, etc) are often by-products of the meat industry and would just be thrown out anyways, so I have no problem using them instead to further science. I agree though that maybe dissection shouldn't be mandatory for kids in high school who really don't want to go into that field. If they are really grossed out, they should be allowed to maybe just watch. That way they at least to get a partial experience, and I think at least one dissection (even as simple as that of a worm) is a great learning experience! To each their own, I suppose!

ruthi666 23

False. I didn't dissect any animals during my grade school career.

#66 and #94 where i grew up we had the choice of taking the course or not. not everyone has to take it. i decided to because i wanted to become a vet but then i didnt. im now looking into medical field so either way it turned out as a positive course for me.

In my high school you had to dissect a pig fetus in biology. To bad I didn't take it.

Your mom seems a bit twisted..

You seem a bit judgmental.

#20 - this is FML. Everyone's judgmental. Also the mom does seem a bit twisted, so I'd say that was an accurate assessment of the situation.

Considering how the entire site is based on judgment I don't disagree on that point. But twisted seems like a harsh label for someone only trying to share their harmless passion with their kids.

That's the second post of yours I've seen in which you call someone else judgemental. Is that not, in turn, being judgemental yourself?

We've established that the fml community is more or less judgmental. Again, it's the harshness of this particular judgment that in my opinion is uncalled for.

#3's statement was actually fairly neutral. They used the word "seems", implying that it was opinion, and not accusation. I agree it's a Weird fascination to many people, and without context could seem twisted. What's next after judging people over judging people though?.. Being prejudice, but only towards racists?

You're each judging me for judging #3. And by 28's logic I'm equally neutral in my first comment and equally undeserving of judgment.

colton_colton 49

Maybe just a bit!


A murderer might also like to share their passions with their kids...I would definitely agree that is twisted.

You are probably going to be one of the many people populating this planet who are scarred by their childhood. It's a rather big club.

vuduguru 5

grow up and get over it, you can't live in your past

Oh the joy of having/knowing a science teacher

That's just wrong

At least she didn't kill it. Even for science killing things is extra wrong.

This sounds like something from American Horror Story...

I would have buried it . That's just too graphic for me :s

Did you bury it after and not dump it in the trashcan :(

So a robin flew into YOUR window and died? has begun @-@

Don't you watch Windex commercials? Its so sparkly clean they just fly right into it!

At least she didn't make you eat it