By Twitchy - 14/09/2011 23:20 - Bahamas

Today, I watched a cat pounce on a small bird and rip it to shreds, feather by feather. It wouldn't have been any worse than mildly disturbing, had I not just spent the last 4 weeks nursing the bird back to health from a broken wing. FML
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Sounds like what happened to the Atlanta Falcons last Sunday.


Sounds like what happened to the Atlanta Falcons last Sunday.

Sounds like an animal version of final destination??

fthislyfe 22

When I was a kid, my dad unintentionally hit a bird with his car. I cried for a month...

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I was expecting Panthers vs Cardinals reference since it's cat vs bird but the cards won

It would've been nice if Newton had added just two more yards or so to his record breaking performance so I would have been able to use that. But oh well, Falcons made it work.

Circle of life dude. Just like when mufasa died in the lion king.

Mufasa wasn't a bird mauled by a cat... You could have worked a little harder on that metaphor.

My friend and I found a young bird once that was too young to fly and had been abandoned by it's parents. We made a neat on the ground for it then less than my minutes later my brother went over and stepped on it, killing it.

I'll give you props on that one, my friend. XD

I have days like that when everything you work on and put your heart into goes up in a feathered bloody but slightly humorous mess

OP should make a movie. And then it should end in slow motion with dramatic opera music as OP watches the bird get ripped to shreds.

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Arsonnist 3 win some, you lose...all of it.

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And how did the cat manage to do that?! poor birdie..

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It's a cat. Why is it shocking that it caught a bird?

5- I'd like to know what your thought process was before you posed that question...

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Well, what I meant was, if OP was nurturing it, how did the cat get it? ( keeping in mind that he was taking care of it and probably had it somewhere safe)

MerrikBarbarian 9

I assume op had just released it, part of what you do in wildlife rehab when the animal recovers ;p

enonymous 8

Maybe the cat had a hard upbringing. It's mom fell on hard times and was hitting the milk bottle pretty hard. It abused catnip and lashed out on the cat. Turning this adorable beast into a killing machine. Also wtf is that a dog in a full body costume? It's eyes are telling me that it wishes it was the bird.

enonymous, you never fail to lessen my boredom.

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65 - no problem. You may now go about your day. I'm like a cup of coffee in the morning... Except my cream penetrates your soul.

77- I don't think I'll be able to get a coffee now without thinking about soul penetrating cream.

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78 - I had the opposite reaction. I wanted to Bukake my Starbucks creamer today.

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if you just finished nurturing a bird back to health why would you stand there want watch a cat rip your bird to shreds "feather by feather" and not do something? ydi for being an idiot.

I'm sorry :( why didn't u try to chase the cat away, at least it'll leave the bird and you can nurse it again.

liontigerfan 0

Why didn't he put the bird in like a small tree???

cats kill quickly and efficiently, its very likely the bird died shortly after being caught :( i also doubt op could get a cat to drop its prey or chase it away

And you stood there watching and doing nothing? In that case YDI (= not only You Deserve It, but especially You Dumb Idiot!)

that was my question. why would u just stand there and watch...?

Probably because a cat can kill a bird faster than a human can reach the bird to rescue it?

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It probably wouldn't have been worth another four weeks of help if it was probably just going to kamikaze someone's door eventually. Maybe OP's. Then we would have an FML either way.

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Not really. I have 3 cats and have had pet cats all my life. Cats "play" with their prey first. That's usually what eventually kills it. I highly doubt the op "didn't have time" to simply go over there and scare the cat away. Poor bird.

Shows what little I know about cats I guess. I just assumed a cat would simply pounce and kill the bird right then and there.

Yeah, makes me wonder what he was doing during all that time, beating off?

MerrikBarbarian 9

some cats play if they aren't hungry. a feral cat who is will kill as soon as they hit it, then maybe play with the corpse.

Maybe they knew they couldn't reach it.... Or,of course, they didn't see it until later when they got home from work or something..... She ABSOLOUTLY DOES NOT DESERVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!