By boundandgagged - United States
Today, my brother and his friend ambushed me, tied me to a chair, and put a sock in my mouth. My mom found me 10 minutes later, took the sock out, and asked, "Why are you tied to a chair?" I told her what happened. She looked at me, laughed, stuffed the sock back in my mouth, and left. FML
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  npk88  |  0

Agreed...chances are you are really annoying. Your mom and your brother both live you with you (i assume) so they probably feel the same way. I clicked both YDI and FYL because it does suck you had a nasty sock in your mouth; but I have a feeling it's probably because you mouth off and bitch and complain a YDI also.


Fake? Just because you can't imagine this happening in your life doesn't mean it isn't true.
When me and my best friends were little we tied up one of their brothers (who was 14 while we were 10) with scarves and sweaters. One of my friends found a lightweight plastic bat and hit him a few times with it. When we were done we left him there and giggled about how he had to untie himself. The odd thing was, like this FML, his mom knew what we were doing. She took pictures and left him to wiggle his way out.

  cherstewart  |  0

I agree, this doesn't sound fake. One time my brother and his friend put my jacket on me with the arms in the wrong sleeves and zipped it up all the way. I couldn't get out of it and my mom found me, took a picture and laughed hysterically for several minutes before unzipping the jacket.

By  caosdth  |  2

my mom would do something like that, but reight after she put the sock in and turned around, she'd either walk out the door and then come back or turn right back around and release me