By kingwalrus - United Kingdom
Today, my siblings overpowered me and duct taped me to a chair. Helpless, I had to wait until my dad got home so he could help me. Instead, the first thing he did was reach for his camera to take a picture. FML
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  Krajjan  |  9

Do what I do and carry a pocket knife. They sure come in handy in times like those. P.S. Put a bloody shirt on, 18. Your droop is scaring the children.

  roxxy_surf  |  0

um okay for one, I didn't have a spray tan and also who cares if I like makeup and colour my hair? I can do what I like and i like it and others do to so I'm not changing it for a few people on some site(:

  j3nnif3r_09  |  0

#18 if it's girls saying that- they are hating bc your sexy and the arent. if it's guys saying that- it's bc they want to fuck a girl like you. I know bc I have tons of haters too ;D

OP sorry but that's an awesome prank :P

  HeroOfMi  |  0

all of you stfu about people's pics. you're opinions aren't important enough to change anybody, you just look like assholes...anyway...OP..stop bitching...u know what's gonna happen years from now when u look at that pic? ur gonna laugh..It was a silly moment and ur dad wanted to remember it, you'll live..and as for your siblings, I'm sure you've done stuff to them too.

  Oreogasm  |  5

pretty sure anyone who uploads a pic like that is just begging for attention and compliments. you're going to get + and -s but you shouldn't be whining and offended when someone has something to say.

  happyhak  |  5

roxxy, I just remembered you were the one who asked people if you were "hot" on another FML. Instead of getting compliments, you got a lot of answers signifying you were not "hot" but someone else was much more "hot" than you instead. I agree with those people when they said you were not hot, and I agree with #28 when he told you to put on a shirt. You scare people with that picture.


79 is right. Anyone who posts a pic should be prepared for feedback, good or bad. And pics like roxxy's are practically begging for whatever comments they can get.

In the spirit of the above, I'd just like to say: 27, I'm not going to sleep peacefully for a week D:

  teresa_009  |  0

you should wait till it all dies down, then when they're all not expecting it smash their camera up then tape it back together with duct tape. then tape it to his car. also if they developed the photo or printed it off print it bigger and stick it on the front of the house and write something like, 'is this what I mean to you?' I'm sure the neighbours would have something to say. maybe the last part is over the top though, as police could get involved and your family could get done got child abuse. just threaten them with that :')

  teresa_009  |  0

also 18, you have a boyfriend and a kid and you still have photos of you up looking like that? wow. if I was a lad I certainly wouldn't want to be your boyfriend.

By  GoPlayInTraffic  |  2

Your dad knows how to handle his biz. When a photo opp presents itself, take the photo.

Seeing as you could post an fml, I'd assume you're "untied", meaning, game well played by your dad, and case closed