By pleasedtomeetyou - 13/01/2010 16:42 - United Kingdom

Today, I met my boyfriend's notoriously difficult mother. I had been looking forward to meeting her and making a good impression. Unfortunately, I could not greet her as her son's penis was still in my mouth. FML
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that blows..... :D

Ouch. Probably not the best way to meet her.


1st n nice one

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Ouch. Probably not the best way to meet her.

I would have held her head down and continued with a conversation with the mother. guys pov

haha this is great...


yumm yum yummy num num

that blows..... :D

I guess they just didn't (puts on shades) meet eye to eye YEEEAAHHHH!!!!

...i c wat u did there... :D

Sorry for you but this fml totally made my night!! I can't stop laughing now. Think of it this way: she was probably going to give you a hard time anyway, all you did was give her a reason!

LMAO. So true... XD

give her a HARD TIME!!! zing

Ahaha. Don't you just love surprise visits..... FYL for sure