By anonymous - 17/11/2011 20:22 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend went and bought Skyrim, Modern Warfare 3 and renewed his WoW subscription. Looks like I won't be getting laid for a month or two. FML
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Yeah, that is a little worrying. Games are good but they aren't going anywhere. Buy a toy of your own?


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hey they came out with a new birth control!

He does sound like quite the catch to be honest. He can afford about £100 of electronics in one day. Maybe if the OP tried to get laid with him rather than jumping on the memebase bandwagon of "GTFO woman, Skyrim is here" then she'd not need to post on FML. It isn't really that hard to get a man's attention away from a computer game

Mw3 is the only good one also I have a girlfriend and the game and we still have sex

Mw3 sucks, is a waste of money!

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And here come the flame wars...

Stfu, you stupid battlefield fanboys

That does suck OP, but might I add that your boyfriend has excellent taste I really am enjoying Skyrim more than Mw3 and in my opinion WoW sucks. Tell him that the first shout you learn is Force, and that the 4 graybeards that live in the mountains look like hobos.

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Once 4.3 comes out for WoW...she's doomed.

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Please die, please. Expect to be summoned for 'service' while he plays.

93 I agree with everything you just said...

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At least buying Skyrim proves he has good taste in games.

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The first shout i learned was "Words" or something...part of the golden claw quest

Uh, no need to add the other two games. I can tell Skyrim is enough to keep me busy for the next year. It's so perfect, omg

Skyrim>>>>>>>>>>>mw3=wow Skyrim's awesome, nuff said. Mw3 is the same game I bought 2 years ago, removing many innovations that black ops introduced. The only new things are point streaks and game modes taken from other games (Kill confirmed? Go look at crysis 2's multiplayer). WoW has been on the decline for a while now, and isn't the game it used to be. Inb4 downvotes from people who bought mw3 and have too much buyer's remorse to think reasonably.

Oh, OP, trust me, I know. Those saying "LOL IT'S NOT THAT HARD TO GET A GUY TO STOP PLAYING" obviously haven't met my boyfriend. The only difference is that it is I, not he, who is going to be renewing the WoW subscription, as I stopped playing to maximize time spent with him. He'll soon know how it feels... "Can't talk, sorry, need to catch up and get flameward hippogryph. Mount whoring, much more important, of course." I prefer Fallout to Elder Scrolls, physical disabilities make playing COD impossible (the button mapping causes serious strain), and I'm ******* tired of trying to compromise with him. WoW and Minecraft can be my new lovers. :D

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Just do what I do! My boyfriend is going to teach me how to play

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Haha, yeah new birth control, it's called Immature Mate

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@46 Hahaha really? So a man who spends that much money on THREE games qualifies as a good catch now? Good God, what happened to the real men in this world. Thank God I landed myself a REAL man unlike u and the Ops lil boy she's dating.

120 I do my best describing when I'm describing Bethesda studios and there many masterpieces.

Skyrim is all you need. It's sad but true.

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I wouldn't worry about MW3. That game will keep him entertained for a week tops. I'd be worried about Skyrim though...

I hear this story every's just a game grow up and join him it's not that hard to play.

Are you serious? You bought those games, but no Assassin's Creed Revelations?

He is immature because he plays video games??? You know, you don't stop playing games because you grow grow old because you stop playing games :) doesn't mean he is immature at all

99 no ones gunna play after mists expansion

You can't be mad about that Skyrim is the best game to date. I expect an FML from him soon about your nagging interupting his man time.

Well he obviously likes CoD if he bought it so that could keep him entertain for a long time itself. Adding to that is like a thousand hours in WoW and hundreds in Skyrim.

-245. If you're a 60 year old pedobear playing video games, would you consider yourself young? -forever alone face-

usually id offer myself up to help but I too am making love to skyrim the best game ever :D

Not only will you not be getting sex, he'll never want it again, skyrim is better than sex...

Looks like teen pregnancy rates will be going down.

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Ah. Sounds like what i did except i didnt get CoD MW 3. But my step brother has it anyway. Its all good. I feel just as bad for OP as i do my girlfriend.

Well, I like the running and gunning involved in Call of Duty multiplayer and it's one of very few games fully integrate rewards for playing well. It's just my style of play. I'm sorry for those of you who are BF3BF3BF3BF3, but that's the way I am. Getting only 15 kills on average in a game is just boring in my opinion.

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Well now, be glad he didn't get skyrim along with assassins creed revelations, you wouldn't have gotten it for a year or two...

241 that's what I was thinking, I've been playing it non stop!! So much fun

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No fanboy wars? Guess they are out trolling on YouTube or the forums. Sucks for you, OP but he will do what he wants. As for my opinion on the games.. Skyrim>MW3 but BF3>Skyrim. Now when Mass Effect 3 comes out....that's when all nerds, including me, will NEVER see daylight.

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If it makes you feel any better mw3 sucks

OP, it sounds like he's trying to tell you he's done with you.

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441: Skyrim is most likely going to be getting game of the year. If you like single player role playing games more than multiplayer, this is the best game out.

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Skyrim is just abso-*******-lutely amazing. I

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You are awesome... Your profile is amazing... And your very pretty too... Just thought I'd let you know....

Wow I'm still laughing my ass off. I'm a guy and your dead on

Feel your pain guys :L!! My boyfriends got them too, and hes getting battlefield 3 :P but hey, that's what being a loving girlfriend is all about, guys need to be gamers sometimes ^_^!!!

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Those three games combined=the apocalypse.. So don't hate

kept me going for 7 hours...such a bitter disappointment =(

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Skyward Sword? Anyone? No? Dumbasses.

Skyrim is stupid, my opinion start thumbing down

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632, Skyrim was a huge disappointment. My least favorite of all the Elder Scrolls games. It claimed to have so much more content than it did. I am glad they put Morrowind on its engine, though. All it was good for.

Yeah, that is a little worrying. Games are good but they aren't going anywhere. Buy a toy of your own?

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Sounds like a toy would give you something better than he could anyway

Yea I know it's powers but women have more control over me than video games

I suggest any toy involving a colorful rabbit that "dances."

286 please leave your fanboyism at the door when you enter

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Haha my girlfriend plays mw3 and I dont

286 is right, you know. Could've saved money and stuck with the exact same game, MW2.

I use the riot shield, because I'm a turtle :D

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If there's a such thing as bad pussy, I don't want to know about it. No really, please stop.there.

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Less chances of getting STDs?

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Goodbye ma, goodbye pa, and goodbye girlfriends breasts!

Borrow you brother's electric toothbrush (;

I agree. Instead of competing for attention with the video games, why don't you join him? It would show him that you care and that you're open to what he likes too. If my boyfriend played the games I did, I'm pretty sure that would only make me love him more :D

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I agree with this. I play games with my bf and other guy friends all the time. I hate when girls complain about their bf playing mw3 or whatever. Shut up and join it's actually fun.

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smh. all I hear is skyrim.... WHAT ABOUT ASSASSINS CREED

Jdimp 1

smh. all I hear is skyrim.... WHAT ABOUT ASSASSINS CREED

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Assains creed sucks thats why you dont hear about it

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shut up before i hidden blade your ass.

Hidden blade is ill skyrim has magic though

Make that a month or three, I heard WoW got an update

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whoever hates on assassin's creed gets instantly assassinated...

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Yeah some bullshit panda people.

Assasins creed is no longer fun it was no longer fun after the 1st where it was actually about being an assasin and not trying to find some whack alien crap.

299 they are all about finding the "whack alien crap."

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A month or five for Skyrim alone...

Just play with him. Or dress in a sexy outfit and tease him when he's playing he won't be able to ignore you.

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You obviously don't know the power of games. When Halo 3 came out, I didn't notice my fiancée strut by me naked to the shower. It was that day that I realized Halo can ruin your life.


Do a little role play, that might turn him on. "Stop right there criminal scum!"

Yep. Because he likes to play games, he obviously doesn't appreciate her.

I don't know what kind of retard would choose video games over sex.

If op's bf does do stuff with op, then he's a keeper. or he sucks at the games

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154- you've obviously never played Skyrim ;)

My Sis has skyrim... She's a bit messed up

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Skyrim is the best. mw3 sucks bf3 is way better than it

At least this woman understands that from the get-go.