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  ImThePope  |  2

MLG is dumb. It's over rated if you ask me. But hey, a guy has to have his priorities straight. Becoming a professional gamer doesn't just happen over night.

  PurpleRae420  |  0

Wow you need to find another boyfriend NEXT I wouldn't put up with that shit I mean I love video games too but not when it's more important then your fucking anniversary what a total douche

  Locoluis  |  15

#30 Have you heard about the scripting language Lua?

Used in all sorts of video games, digital television and other applications.

Lua was, in fact, made in Brazil.

That joke, "They have computers in (third world country X)", is outdated now. This is 2011, computers are everywhere there's electricity now, and many places where there's not, thanks to solar energy, the OLPC project &c.

You may want to find something more high-end to joke about if you want to be an elitist #%&[email protected]

  benjimm1  |  0

you don't train to become a professional gamer, it just happens. I am the 19th in the world at NHL 2K9 on xbox 360 without hacking and have beaten hackers and the third best in the world. I am the only American in the top 20. represent

  Nyphythes  |  0

#173 judging by your photo and horrible spelling/grammar you seem like a thirteen year old so doubt you know everything about having a perfect relationship and as you say it "love life"

  oNisao  |  21

But in his defense.. What if was actually training for professional gaming, where you set up practice with other pro gamers. (And I doubt they will wait for him, since there are ppl from around the world trying to find the best time for everyone).
And.. If you win you could earn thousands of dollars.