By Anonymous - 01/06/2011 00:50 - Brazil

Today, my boyfriend refused to take me out on our three year anniversary because he was busy, "training to become a professional gamer." FML
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structuredchaoz 4

Time for him to train to become a professional bachelor

wow this guys a douche! He couldn't wait one more night to "train"? It's not like the gaming system is gonna grow legs and run away, unlike his girlfriend


It could have been worse. He could be training to become a world renowned hooker. Lighten up.

op should be more supportive! what a selfish bitch!

I respect a man who know what he wants, and has lifetime goals. just like me

ImThePope 2

MLG is dumb. It's over rated if you ask me. But hey, a guy has to have his priorities straight. Becoming a professional gamer doesn't just happen over night.

808Boyo 4

30 - oh my God I ******* laughed my ass off when I read your comment...but for some reason, people be hatin'.

PurpleRae420 0

Wow you need to find another boyfriend NEXT I wouldn't put up with that shit I mean I love video games too but not when it's more important then your ******* anniversary what a total douche

#30 Have you heard about the scripting language Lua? Used in all sorts of video games, digital television and other applications. Lua was, in fact, made in Brazil. That joke, "They have computers in (third world country X)", is outdated now. This is 2011, computers are everywhere there's electricity now, and many places where there's not, thanks to solar energy, the OLPC project &c. You may want to find something more high-end to joke about if you want to be an elitist #%&$@.

I used to live in Brazil and they have some pretty advanced technology in some places. Some places are pretty shitty but they have all the new stuff.

fromthesuck 8

holy crap people it's a joke! this is why society is taking a dive

I would dump him because a 3 year anniversary is more important than becoming a MLG.

That is the Dumbest thing I've ever read, 30.

go game with him girl :) have some fun! stop being whiney, ots just years... save the overdramatic romance for the wedding :)

zendaddy0 0

just wait until he starts practicing his hyperventilation technique

shenry113322 7

let's all agree that if he makes MLG. we all have to train to beat him

structuredchaoz 4

Time for him to train to become a professional bachelor

GreenMaze 0

how the heck you deal with his gaming addiction in the past three, when he was still a NOOB.

benjimm1 0

you don't train to become a professional gamer, it just happens. I am the 19th in the world at NHL 2K9 on xbox 360 without hacking and have beaten hackers and the third best in the world. I am the only American in the top 20. represent

hopefully he took you out the next night and if he didn't dump his ass

I think people say that too hastily, but for once I agree. leave the newb

yeah he is training to be professionally single

he's trying to make some money for them so fair play to him

and you're dating him because .......

your stupid for not making him women do it all the time

Yup, he's got his priorities set.

maddi79 0

do yu have a love life? because it sounds like yu don't if you'd rather have video games to a gf/bf

#173 judging by your photo and horrible spelling/grammar you seem like a thirteen year old so doubt you know everything about having a perfect relationship and as you say it "love life"

173- Yes, I would rather have video games than a BF/GF, love is stupid and I'll never understand it.

Oh you know this isn't the first sign, the time to get rid of him was years ago! YDI

You can refuse his dick for some time.

If he training to be a gamer, do you really think they really had sex

Gamer or no gamer, if you're not gay, someday your balls will turn blue and you want someone to take care of them.

I think that even gay people like someone who takes care after their balls. Just a thought.

TheDrifter 23

But the gay gamers can just roll a horde toon and find someone to take care of that for them.

wow this guys a douche! He couldn't wait one more night to "train"? It's not like the gaming system is gonna grow legs and run away, unlike his girlfriend

Games are always meant to come first; it's how you get the pussy. And his rank could grow legs and run away from him, also. Always remember that.

Imagine his girlfriend growing legs... Haha.

61- girls traditionally come with legs pre-installed.

rallets 22

i had to buy an expansion pack for this one girl

oNisao 21

Agree. But in his defense.. What if was actually training for professional gaming, where you set up practice with other pro gamers. (And I doubt they will wait for him, since there are ppl from around the world trying to find the best time for everyone). And.. If you win you could earn thousands of dollars.

theten_fml 9

should of pulled him in the car by his ear and made him go. take a gameboy just incase he gets cranky. oh! and maybe a warm bottle as well.

melissamoshh 0

Well, hopefully you dumped him so he has all the precious time in the world to train.

bryan1992 0

I don't think they will end a 3 year relationship because he was playing a game?

melissamoshh 0

It was their anniversary? and he refused to go anywhere? That's pretty ****** up if you ask me. It's not as simple as "playing a game", asstard.