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Today, after a week of not seeing each other, my boyfriend has a three day break from work. This would be great if he hadn't just told me he's having a Guild Wars 2 marathon. Now all I have to look forward to is slow wifi and anguished screams every time his character dies. FML
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How about you make yourself an account and play with him?

I feel your pain... mine is the same way.


I feel your pain... mine is the same way.

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Ty pathfinder. That's all I'm saying. It is his time off he should spend it at his leisure. However, if she's important to him, make at least some time for her. Or he may find he's no longer important to her.

60- have you not seen the news reports about guys smashing up their girlfriends because they're tired of them complaining all the time?

57- but in all seriousness, that is a TERRIBLE SUGGESTION! Gamers take their shit seriously, all the equipment and game progress is a large investment both of time and money. I only use a ps3, but even that, plus all the games, and the small tv I bought for my room, probably adds up to about a thousand dollars. And it sounds like OP's boyfriend uses a pc, and a good gaming pc costs waaaay more than a console. It'd be like getting a thousand dollars just..... taken.

60: PS. You kinda suck at writing. Watch out for those run-on sentences and misplaced modifiers, bro. Also: punctuation--it wants to be your friend.

82- When I'm not in English class, I honestly don't care about my grammar. And gimme some credit, at least my spelling doesn't induce aneurysms.

wowwww its not a big deal.... how about you play gw2 with your bf instead of complaining on a website. its actually a good game.

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57 - you are exactly right. Gamers take it as serious business. I recommend throwing him out and finding someone that isn't a video game addict. if that is too drastic, change the wifi channel and talk on a cordless phone all weekend.

@ #38 This is weird - my sylvari ranger is called Pathfinder Elune. Anyway, GW2 is awesome, but you need moderation. Unless you're like 2 of my friends. They met through GW1 and now live together. Helps if your woman is into games too.

Wow that's shitty. You should find some super annoying feminine video game to play the next time you both have time off.

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4- Catz. and animal pet vet. princess peach. barbie. just to name a few.

That is not feminine based everyone of both genders or any age can and will play that

All your suggestions would work. Specifically I meant Yoshi's Island 64, though. It's too "cute" for my tastes.

I ******* love Yoshi's Island. He may even join you if you actually played it!

You could try "Super Princess Peach" for DS. She uses her power of emotions to fight. Wait, is that super feminine, or just super sexist?

@24 That'd be Yoshi's Story. It doesn't have the title of Island and it doesn't deserve it.

Guild wars 2? No, just no, world of warcraft is where it's at...

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Finally! Another person who understands! :) WoW representatives!

Gw2 is so much better than wow. I haven't met one asshole on gw2 yet, whereas wow is full of them. A nicer community, a nicer game, no ugly troll people... I love it. Also, it requires skill to be able to play and there are no roles :)

just wait. they will show. all mmo games have them.

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Mists is gonna be badass, that is all.

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#3 WoW is not where it's at, more like USED to be... If you think the Kung fu panda expansion is remotely good, then you must like dumbed down games. Heck even rift is so much better because at least that game has talent trees so you can customize your toon. Also Gw2 is a really good game.

You have no room to call it "dumbed down" unless you're clearing all of the current raid content on Heroic.

WoW has gone down, compare it to vanilla beta; ever since they fired the original team it has been dumbed down. GW2 is a fun game but I find not much to do after 80, yeah wvw dungeon running and w/e but it's still not exactly the hardest game. I like what guild wars is doing and trying to get away from the set usual schemata of MMOs. If anyone remembers the original MMOs they were much more intense and difficult; and less limiting in their character design, granted the genre wasn't as popular as it is now an I believe that was because it wasn't dumbed down for a general audience.

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To 134- Oh my god. I'm not alone in this. Aion FTW.

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I'm sorry, bring the down votes. But if after a week of not seeing you, he would rather play video games, time for a new MAN.

Don't get between someone and their video games, you will deeply regret it...

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That's my point. If his games are more important than her, she should find someone more important than him

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This is dumb. She should respect what he wants to do on HIS days off... It's only been a week. All this drama is not needed.

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But obviously her needs aren't being met either. If she is your lady, show her.

Well Mabye it's not his fault that a game is more interesting and more fun the her.

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My goodness, he shouldn't have to choose between doing what he wants to do and making his girlfriend happy. On his days off.

I'm with Trippy. I don't think the OP is selfish for wanting to see her boyfriend at some point on his days off. He doesn't necessarily have to spend all day every day with her, just show her he cares. That's what a relationship is about. If he would rather spend all his time apart then what's the point in being in a relationship with her?

she may be over doing the pity party. if I had 3 days off and chose to play gw2, I would still have time to see my girlfriend. It would be 8 hours of gaming and then the rest of the time hang out. haha.

The key here is 3 DAYS and guild wars MARATHON. I think he plans to play for a pretty long time, and I don't think OP's selfish for wanting to spend time with him. Maybe another time, OP :)

a week not seeing her really isn't that long!

Alright. Lets boil this down to basics. OP's boyfriend is choosing to interact with a video game on a screen rather than with another human being face to face. He can go back to that video game whenever he wants swing as how it can't run away and will always be there unlike his girlfriend. He needs to stop taking his girlfriend for granted.

OR she can sit next to him, watch him play, or better yet, try to play with him. That's what I do when my boyfriend just plays on his computer. And if I really dont want to, I do my own thing right next to him; isn't being near your significant other enough? I don't know if it's just me, but after two and a half of dating my boyfriend, you run out of things to do with each other. We have fun doing our own thing with each other.

Two and a half years, sorry And to continue, that doesn't mean we don't do anything together, but sometimes it's best to not FORCE him to spend time with you, that will make him resent you. Try to seduce him or convince him, but if he's adamant on playing a marathon, then let him be, and try again later. If not, well he's not really being selfish. A week is not that long honestly. Maybe his game is his stress relief and he's been extremely stressed from work. Anyway, he is bound to get annoyed of losing that he might stop playing for a while.

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If u are crying about not getting to see him only after a week maybe u are a little too dependent on him.. Go find some friends and show him u don't need him and when he looks around and sees ur not there he will come and actually want to spend time w u rather than being forced to do it

Surely there are much more productive things to do other than to sit on your ass and stare at a screen for 3 days. Why not go outside? It's not that hard to do and the graphics are amazing.

Absolutely with you on this. I play some games myself but my boyfriend is way more of a gamer. I just play Legend of Zelda lately while he plays Guild Wars 2. I'm happy just being near him. I know he works hard and just want him to relax and be happy!

117- the graphics may be amazing, but there are far too many bugs and the community generally sucks. The developer is no where to be found, and the only word we have about when things are gonna get fixed is the rumors of the "Rapture" expansion which still doesn't even have a release date. The developer claimed that things get better in the sequel, but I just dont see it happening.

Yeah, recently, I'm playing Orcarina of Time while he's playing Diablo II :)

How about you make yourself an account and play with him?

I actually got my boyfriend to play GW2 after much force, and he doesn't even want to play with me now because he's further than me :P. It's an absolutely amazing game and it is pretty cheap as well as long as you don't go for the collector's edition. No danger in trying it out, put on your headset to keep out your bf's screams and listen to the beautiful music by Jeremy Soule and prepare to get blown away!

Agreed!! My bf and I both play...great way to spend a lazy, rainy weekend together ^_^

1) You should make an account. 2) Get stronger than him. 3) Slowly get him to hate the game by beating him at it.

You can join in :)? Its pretty fun, make the best of it !

OP, I would so high-five your bf! If i had the time off I would be online too! My pain is that my bf does not play GW 2, while I do. By the way, tell him to add me to his friend list - Marlene Frenique. Lastly, we gamers have been waiting for GW 2 for nearly 3!!! years, so quit your whining about a week....

Nothing like waiting for Duke Nukem Forever... which it was over a decade for a let-down.

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Talk about Let Down.... Halo for pc was just tragic.....

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Time to practice the art of seduction. Tell him you'll make it harder for him.. He has to focus on the game while you're giving him a ********. And if he wins, there will be more rewards;)

Or she could threaten him at gun point to spend time with her.

Unless he's a completely clueless tool, which is very possible.

I have yet to meet a computer nerd who was also a tool

A D/s relationship with ****** control. Nerds can be into that. did I say to much?

For those telling OP to join in, I can see some sense in that. BUT THREE DAYS? Sorry, but he is being utterly selfish. I'm a gamer myself but I would never play a game for three days instead of spending time with my BF. Your BF is selfish OP, call him out on it