By TheFlickChick - United States
Today, I was heading to the beach with my mom following. I went through a yellow light and got a call from her complaining that I had left her. So, I made it a point to stop at the next yellow light. She rear-ended me. FML
TheFlickChick tells us more :
It sucks, but it was an accident, I didn't slam on brakes or anything but it was at the bottom of a little hill, and the van she was driving was much heavier and harder to stop than the mustang she is used to that will stop on a dime.
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By  DocBastard  |  38

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  iamyourgod  |  3

No I think the FML means that they had the conversation and hung up. Then at the next light the driver is response to to earlier call decided to stop at a yellow and got rear ended. This is a case of a woman driver, not cell phone use, though the two usually go hand in hand.

  ElectricEffect  |  13

Agree with 41. From the way it reads, they were no longer on the cell phone. OP's mom rear ended them because she was afraid to get left behind again. As a matter of fact, had they still been on the phone, in this case it would have stopped the collision from happening as OP could have explained they were about to stop at the light.


You don't need to push a button to use hands free either except initially to answer the call, and even then, some have auto-answer..... On that note, let's ban all car stereos for distracting drivers.

  CryMoreFMLs  |  14


Why in the fuck did you not carpool with your mom, OP? Saves gas, money, and an assload of risky communication. YDI.

Go ahead, thumb me down. I'm still right.


Instead of banning the load of distracting shit that causes accidents on roads, I would personally advocate research into auto-piloted flying cars. Or hovercrafts. Or trained, saddled velociraptors. Problem solved.

  chili10  |  18

This argument is pointless! Who cares if cell phone use caused the collision or not, the whole point that doc was trying to make is that they shouldn't have been using their cell phones in the first place.

  Nutty4Muffs  |  3

Despite this being the only post I've ever seen Doc fail in, I'll thank you OP for clarifying because even I (the most comprehensive of all) failed to realize the true scenario of this FML. Now tell Doc you're sorry for the bury.


#4 While I don't have facts to back this up, my hypothesis is that they were both off of the phone when she rear-ended him. It's the mother's fault, she probably forgot and hit him, although I do agree that using a cellphone and driving is a bad idea.

  Fruit_Dealer  |  9

In my language, lemons means go faster.

But not everyone is a fruit dealer like me.

P.S.: How was that watermelon flockz? Good? You want more? I have something special for you coming up then..