By xxlexi_lovexx - 29/03/2010 04:20 - United States

Today, I was about to have sex with my boyfriend. His best friend called and said he just beat God Of War 3 and that my boyfriend could borrow it. He got up, got dressed, ran to his car and told me I could walk home. FML
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Wow. Mixed on this one. GoW3 I a pretty sweet game.


Wow. Mixed on this one. GoW3 I a pretty sweet game.

is* I hate the keyboard on my iPhone sometimes...

First off God of War is way more important than women second off you should make him a sammich before he gets home then do his laundry like a good girl.

No... all she has to do is dress like Aphrodite does in the game.

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That's crazy....Everyone knows you don't Loan it out till you get all the trophies!

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ydi for not being as interesting as a game hahaha. make him a Sandwich

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I would have done that to my boyfriend if my friend was letting me borrow god of war 3. YDI OP. it's GOD of WAR 3. oh and I'm a girl.

u can come to my house. i hate ps3! :)

God of War 3 is EPIC, totally worth it.

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what's with all this damn sandwich makin shiet?

you hate ps3 cause you don't have it, 75 I have both the ps3 and xbox and ps3 is better. no contest.

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who plays a video game instead of having sex. y'all are douchebags :P

120 guys that have no problem getting pussy

my first thought was wow that guy's a fag. like it'd really take that long to nail her. just go get the game afterwards. if a guy did that to me he'd be lucky to get the chance again for at least a month.

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No way god of war 3 is awsome. I would of done the same;)

lol @ 32 ...i dont think his (in)significant other is gunna be getting any Disk 2day

Thinking like the sex addict I am... SEX>GoW3 Thinking like a sh*thead... GoW3>SEX

124 guys that have no problem getting pussy aren't the guys who put off sex for video games.

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sounds sortof like the cpmmercial for the game

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what a nerd it's all about mw2

**** u 32 it's one of the best games ever

127 or guys that have no problem getting pussy

This sounds like the ******* commercial. >.> It's just a little suspicious.

Hey, just a suggestion, *ahem* maybe this wouldn't have happened if you would've just kept your opinions to yourself like a useful woman, because in the end, it's just noise.

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60- how right you are i got the platinum and still wont lend it

Haha **** MY life for not playing God of War 3 yet!

Time to trash his room. Better yet, steal his computer so he can't even play the game.

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it comes out on xbox now too lmfao so shed have to **** all his systems up. but ydi for thinking u could top GoW3. even if she did trash everything he'd move to his friends till he finished the game.

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lol i just read this yeah its old but i had to say ur a dumb bitch. it is on ps3 lolololol noob

The games only for the playstation systems

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Don't worry girl. Your lips still can be around my dick. Alls good when you're just a cum guzzler no brains.

Oh hail nah!!!! it'd be ova soooooo fast gurrrrl!!!!! Fo rails!!!!!

you made me spit with laughter all over my phone. why would you communicate like this?

it's her iPhone keyboard. she has the "iGhetto" package for jailbroken phones that autocorrects text into pseudo-urban style with an attitude, so you sound like a cracked-out rapper's girlfriend from the 'hood. it's popular with rebellious white teenage girls

Ya #69 you win big time. The "Ighetto" package, lols.


Double win for being #69 and for "Ighetto"

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aaaahahaha exactly what I was thinking

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What a douche. You should stay with him, then just before spring break, dump him. Unless you've already had spring break? In such case just cut a few wires in his computer so he spends a month trying to figure out what's wrong with it.

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If she did that to his PS3, I imagine she would be the one getting dumped... after he forces her to replace it.

Actually, a douchebag would probably screw her and THEN go get the video game. Just sayin'

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ouch dump him but god of war 3 is pretty ownnage

I didn't even know there were five gaming systems...

I understand that onlinezach is saying that videogames and loved ones are not comparable, but is he saying video games are better?

It seems like women have been holding out on sex for so long that men had to find a better alternative like **** or video games. Now the women are pissed.