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  a7x451  |  17

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  innocuus  |  17

my first thought was wow that guy's a fag. like it'd really take that long to nail her. just go get the game afterwards. if a guy did that to me he'd be lucky to get the chance again for at least a month.

  Superflyshyguy  |  17

Hey, just a suggestion, *ahem* maybe this wouldn't have happened if you would've just kept your opinions to yourself like a useful woman, because in the end, it's just noise.

By  hannahuk1986  |  7

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it comes out on xbox now too lmfao so shed have to fuck all his systems up. but ydi for thinking u could top GoW3. even if she did trash everything he'd move to his friends till he finished the game.

  sublimaze  |  15

it's her iPhone keyboard. she has the "iGhetto" package for jailbroken phones that autocorrects text into pseudo-urban style with an attitude, so you sound like a cracked-out rapper's girlfriend from the 'hood. it's popular with rebellious white teenage girls

By  mariekentairo  |  6

What a douche. You should stay with him, then just before spring break, dump him. Unless you've already had spring break? In such case just cut a few wires in his computer so he spends a month trying to figure out what's wrong with it.

By  maskedman  |  19

It seems like women have been holding out on sex for so long that men had to find a better alternative like porn or video games. Now the women are pissed.

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