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  cowycal  |  4

My old girlfriend bought me a Flogging Molly CD. I've never listened to them before.
Man, we're Canadian. The only "rock" we listen to is Hedley and Nickelback. They both suck, but the stupid "30% of all radio must be Canadian" law ruins radio. Not that American mainstream shit is any better. I'll stick to Dream Theater.

  Enoch134  |  0

wow stupid nickelback is fml worthy yet they denied mine witch was haveing to help my fat ass mother pick out valintines unders. yeah makes sence fml for reading this

  AX7Evan  |  6

Can someone explain to me why Nickelback is "such a bad band?" I'm sorry were their hits too popular for you? Is it because they're Canadian? You probably say they suck when you've listened to one song an you just follow everyone else that says they suck for absolutely no reason.