By deez_nutz - 10/03/2009 12:46 - Canada

Today, it was my birthday. My girlfriend bought me a Nickelback CD. FML
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I like Nickelback? What's so bad about that? :S

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you, sir, are an ass. get over yourself.


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what the **** is wrong with Nickelback?! Nickelback kicks ass thank you very much. OP shod be greatfull.

Man that's heartless. All sympathies to you; just stay positive and you'll get through it

My old girlfriend bought me a Flogging Molly CD. I've never listened to them before. Man, we're Canadian. The only "rock" we listen to is Hedley and Nickelback. They both suck, but the stupid "30% of all radio must be Canadian" law ruins radio. Not that American mainstream shit is any better. I'll stick to Dream Theater.

A$$HOLE for making an FML saying you got a Nickelback CD!

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NickleBack is FRICKEN AWESOME! (All caps rage)

I wouldn't wish that upon anyone. Sorry.


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What is wrong with people.if it was a Justin bieber cd it would be an fml,but nickelback is the bomb

At least you got a present? I haven't for like... 5 years now. Not from anyone.

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Really? Getting a CD of a band you don't like is FML worthy? That's just stupid. If it were Britney Spears, then maybe I'd understand.

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wow stupid nickelback is fml worthy yet they denied mine witch was haveing to help my fat ass mother pick out valintines unders. yeah makes sence fml for reading this

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how is that a fml thats not that bad!

thats what i was gonna say. @OP at least you got something for your birthday, you whiny little bitch.

yeah some songs like burn it to the ground are ok

How is that an FML? its a CD big deal if they aren't your favorite, i don't think this should have made it on here at all.

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well the fact that his girlfriend doesn't even know what kind of music he likes is pretty bad

Wait what's so bad about that? Everyone loves nickel back!

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you, sir, are an ass. get over yourself.

I like Nickelback? What's so bad about that? :S

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I agree, I see nothing FML worthy about getting a CD of a good rock band.

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Well nickleback sucks ass so yes it is FML worthy

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I, too, enjoy the band. What I see as Fml is that he got a CD. We have Internet now, why need CDs?

I love Nickelback, I think this FML is really stupid :p so he doesn't like them, just tell her and maybe she'll switch out the gift?

Can someone explain to me why Nickelback is "such a bad band?" I'm sorry were their hits too popular for you? Is it because they're Canadian? You probably say they suck when you've listened to one song an you just follow everyone else that says they suck for absolutely no reason.

Yea, you got a present instead of a kick in the balls. Respectfully...stop whining.