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Today, my boyfriend was making salsa and got jalepeno juice all over his mouth. A little bit later, he started going down me. He hadn't washed his mouth. FML
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My daddy warned me against this... But I ain't getting no pussy anyway :(

That is tottaly disrectful. LEarn some mannrs young man, that was totally out of line

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He won't learn any manners* until you learn how to spell. Not to totally* be disrespectful* or anything.

ohthebloodygore 16

9, I'm with 17; LEarn to spell.

OPs boyfriend must of been * puts on glasses* trying to spice things up YEEAAAHHHH!!!!

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Hey I thought jalapenos were good for eating tacos.

31 - OMFG! I almost died. thank you for making my life.

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That sounds like a sticky situation!! Haha!!

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17, ur a grammar Nazi. 9, ur a grammar Jew.

haha well at least he went down on you!!!

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wow ur hitting on chicks all over the place you must get sooo much ass

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indeed lmao give me ur email in my messages I'll send u pic of them lmao

Danniiboii22 0

nice way to "spice" up the sex lol :D

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haha I ain't u bitch u got aids on ur lips

ohthebloodygore 16

23, what the **** did you just say? My apologies for cursing.

19, 15. Wait, wait he's right he doesn't have a aid. But he does has an cyber pornography obsession, by the tell of how he took his pic.

Five, you're right you don't have aid. But, but you are in need of aid to stop your obsession of cyber-porngraphy. By the looks of how you took your picture. And do me a favor, don't reply unless you're going to say it right, yes in a proper English.

you can tell he's addicted to pron by how he took his picture? (´・_・`)

33- Yes, it is frequently ideal to tell if they're an obsession or not. Because oftenly people would take the pic by theirselves, and give a gay looking of their facial expression. If not obsession, it would be more of joy, etc facial expression and not taken by theirselves. But other than that, it's just a theory. But a reasonable one to my own opinions.

ImAnInsomniac 3

he's 17 and his picture is the kind a 14 year old girl takes of herself... just saying.

19- Are you always this stupid, or are you just making a special effort today?

LMFAO! Who taught you proper English? Your English is far from proper :)

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43 It would be extremely unwise to anger ignorance. I have no balls anymore because of it.

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44, don't antagonize him. Trying to reason with him is like trying to talk politics with a Russian using Japanese kanji.

58. Get over it already. No need to be moron enough to bring one post/reply into many or all of the posts/ reply that I put up.

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I wasn't bringing anything anywhere. I was commenting on how much of a ding-a-ling you are. Ding-a-ling is a euphemism, by the way.

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maybe because your a dumb ass. that's sucks alot of dick on your spare time.

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Hitting on people with smiley faces isn't very attractive.

"that's sucks"? can't use words in proper context either?

EvilCupcake8361 9

82: it's you're and alot isn't a word you douche dick biscuit

Man you folk are cruel... I don't see the need to become Surly McDouchebag over a bad pun...

And what's so bad about sucking dick anyway? Someone has to do it or else no one gets a *******

Wow 82, that sounded like a very clever and thought out response! I applaud you for your seemingly vigorous efforts.

ahhhh! that happened to me once but with wing stop atomic wings lol it BURNS!

In case that creep comes, Jose.... don't even start it, or even think about saying it. You're creep enough for someone to kill you...

I feel so bad for you 8. let me make it up to you by going down on you with ice in my mouth. might soothe?

or you could just get some iceyhot and it can equal out bahaha

Oh goodness... I can only imagine how much that would hurt! Worse than lemon on a papercut by ten most likely.