By teacher - 25/01/2013 05:25 - Australia - Sydney

Today, I led a class of grade-two pupils on an excursion to the zoo. When we went to see the lions I was put in a position where I had to explain to seven and eight year olds why one lion was "bouncing" on top of the other one. FML
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You shouldn't be lion to them! It's the Circle of Life! Hakunna Matata!


saIty 17


They were just feline a bit horny, being 'betrothed' and all. Being king has its benefits!

History of the World, Part 1 informed me that, "It's Good to be the King". *Btw they never made a Part 2. :P

But it's school holidays in Australia?

It's probably a school holiday program, my primary school used to run them.

Or this FML was posted late and she forgot to remove the today.

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^ If she removed the 'today', her FML wouldn't have been approved.

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Im australian and Im no longer on school holidays. Depends on the state.

In defense of 64, I use the phone app and I don't see where it says where op is from. The previous app used to. But I don't see it anymore.

You shouldn't be lion to them! It's the Circle of Life! Hakunna Matata!

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They got a lot more education than they bargained for.

Oh well, they would have found out anyway one way or another. You can let it up to the parents to explain further or not, if they so choose.

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Don't think the parents would of been there. Who cares anyway, what would they do if their darling children's precious ears heard about the truth of how their body works, sue this teacher? Not how it works in Australia.

"You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals So let's do it like they do on the discovery channel."

How many people here are thinking of that Bloodhound Gang song? Next time take the kids to a museum; they're less likely to see mating critters.

Forget the museum, the lions are on the fun side of life (plus now the kids know how to do it lion style)

Yeah, I was gonna say it. May just have to sing it on the bus I'm on

No! If they were dancing, there would be a huge-ass tower of giraffes and wildebeests and shit with the two lions atop it performing a sing-and-dance routine! It's like you haven't seen any Disney movies at all!

Hakuna Matata OP. The kids had to find out about the circle of life eventually

They are what, 8 years old? I'm sure some of them knew what was happening. All you had to do was ask if anyone knew what they were doing and let them explain.

"Can anyone tell me what is going on here with these lions?" "That dude is banging the **** of his girl. That's what the lions are doing." "I need to have a word with you young man."

Yep, that is pretty much how I imagined it.

Have the kids explain it to each other? Ya, brilliant idea...