Where's my stuff?

By freezingtodeath - 04/12/2010 00:11 - United States

Today, I went into Target's dressing rooms to try some pants on, leaving my full cart outside. An employee thought it had been left there, and took it to put the stuff back. My coat, hat, gloves were in it. I had to walk home. FML
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so you just left your stuff... There's such a thing as asking for a manager

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Uh, why didn't you ask an employee for your stuff back?? you're dumb for just leaving..


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rallets 22

how do you just run into a Target dressing room? at the ones here, theres people that have to assign you a room. and im pretty sure they would know if you were gonna buy what was in the cart if you didnt tell them and furthermore, why not just tell somebody about it? i mean seriously. SERIOUSLY.

Six- You sound like an idiot with no common sense. No offense.

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I agree with the why not ask somebody, but there's never anybody in our Target dressing rooms.. :S I feel gypped!

but..... he looks like he could possibly have nice hair so they cancel out..

9, you know me so well. But seriously, not everyone has people to shop with...

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I've had my Target shopping chart taken away from me while I was in the changing room before. I just know not to leave my personal things in it. Sucks having to re-shop for the same things.

14 did I make you self conscious ? I like your pussy cat tho.

rallets 22

lol yea they give you a number with how many things youre gonna try on

Haha 16 I didn't know you were talkin about me, but thanks though i think my hair sucks lol. And 17, I still got my mommy to shop with...

21, Good! At least you have someone to shop with.

So did you steal a coat and gloves after?

so you just left your stuff... There's such a thing as asking for a manager

along with the right to your own stuff :s

sourgirl101 28

All the manager is going to do is tell the OP to leave their name and number and "if" and I do mean "if" the items show up they will get a call. Welcome to the world of "We are not responsible for your neglect". Any one can lie and claim that they had their personal things taken away. Take care of you things. No one else will.

Orr you could just buy a new coat. You WERE at Target right?

28 at my target we would be looking for it. and unless some else picked it up and stole it, it would be easy to find, for me at least.

Was there really any reason to RUN into the dressing room? I mean, if there was a zombie outbreak, and the dressing room was made of reinforced steel, sure, but if that happened, and you survived, you should be posting on MLIA. Otherwise, you probably should have made it obvious that your cart was still in use.

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one question, are u a blonde?

One question, are you a girl with a bald head? Just wondering.

Ask for an employees help finding it, dummy. If you get a dick response like "It's out of my hands now, but I can tell you where I think I left them.", just pretend it means, "Sorry for your loss. Please take a hat, coat, and gloves of comparable value as compensation." Of course be sure to be stealthy ;).

lol that's a good plan. think I'll go shopping today and leave a few crappy things I need to replace in my cart then go try on things for awhile lol

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Uh, why didn't you ask an employee for your stuff back?? you're dumb for just leaving..

seriously what the f. lol "oh an employee took my coat ill just walk home" makes no sense

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uhhh ok did the employee throw out your stuff? or put it on the shelves as merchandise? doubtful. wasn't it in lost and found?

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I like that... a target at Target.

Just go to the lost and found and look. It's called common sense.